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Blog Gone but Not Forgotten /Robin Williams looks like joke


Last Edited: August 25, 2014, 3:53 pm

Gone but not Forgotten, like Robin Williams, the dead return from the grave, and here I am again, ...Because we who may know do know that they can never really die, and that is, this is the greatest joke in the world. and so we too may laugh all the way to the bank, and back home again too.

It is like this, anyone has access to this bank of numbers, here in this florida post, or any lottery post, and can read about how they were found, but only a few find it, and it seems fewer will read this, and a rarer few do see and play before the drawing.  The joke is we all can pick the winning ticket, anytime, all the time, and we can play constant losers, or not at all.

Robin is now on the other (Real) side, and he knows its all a joke, now, even if it seemed quite real to him just as it does to us. He can laugh, and say, "Oh My", and see your numbers here today, like he can see all from where he is now. Even if he knows few may read them on time, or before the end of days, which is tonight when the draw is drawn. We here on this side are only looking at the mirror of the real numbers, and yet we can sense, Robin is here too, not so far away, and laughing with us. The game gods always smile, because they never lose. But we can have one UP on them, because we shall win once, and that win beats them every time. (UP stands for Universal Perception, buy the way)

See my choice predict on "Florida 2014" and "Powerball 100+ Million" plus > based on numbers stars and date composite sums modes averages roundup pairs. 

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