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I didn't think of this!


I didn't think of this! Most of us haven't thought about this no matter how much we like or dislike John Kerry. WOW! Those figures have to be staggering.

Subject: You will pay upkeep/Secret Service for 5 Kerry mansions.

It is good to be John F. Kerry....... The F stands for Forbes in case you ever wondered. (I didn't know that either)

He is one of the richest Senators in Government. When someone is elected president, it means the Secret Service has to protect the President and his family as well as his property.

The Kerry's have five US properties not counting the several foreign properties they own too. The cost to run these homes are more than what the average American could afford, even if the rent was free, and all you had to pay the water, gas &electric. Including ground keepers, maintenance, pool, and house keepers. To be President would require the taxpayers to pay for all that now if elected. Including a complete staffed Secret Service security 24 hours a day. In addition to that we will have to pay for each of their homes for security improvements even if they never go to them all, that is, that just in case. Who do you think will pay for all this? We Pay! This takes all the expense off Kerry and puts it on us.

Nevertheless, factor another major cost to Americans that Kerry does not want you to know about.

Becoming president would automatically include taking care of all their properties with Secret Service Agents that includes 5 agents per 6 hour shift 4 times a day 365 days of the year for the rest of their lives so long as they own those properties. It comes with being President, once you are elected. It requires us the taxpayers, to pay for this as well as his annual salary, as well as his retirements including the cost of living adjustments to boot, plus salaries and protection for all their real estate property, plus Secret Service Agents, and pay the bills for the rest of his life. In addition, feed the Secret Service Agents and rotate new ones every 6 hours for the rest of his life.

Do the math. Five properties need to be protected. This requires five Secret Service Agents per shift, daily every six hours, per property! That is 20 Secret Service Agents per day per property everyday including Holidays. Wow, what does that cost?

Lets say an average of 20 agents per property, each earning a about $60K per agent to survey the perimeters and protect. Now times that by five properties so far. That is if the Kerry's do not buy any more properties afterwards. This also includes the Agents vehicles and repairs, gas, meals, days off, paid vacation, and medical plan visits etc per agent.

Who pays? YOU pay, the whole time they are alive after becoming President! Is this the best use of our tax money electing Kerry to take care of all their properties, both foreign and domestic? On the other hand, shouldn't he pay for his own? Yet, the Presidential salary could not afford it.

The more I think about paying for Kerry's properties everyday, just makes me happy keeping President Bush all the more merrier. Without raising taxes to boot.

How on earth would Kerry pay for everyone to have Healthcare, increase our military, and have us pay to protect his investments, all without raising our taxes? Tax and spend Kerry is his party motto.

Which really has to make you wonder why anyone with his wealth, would take a salary of that of a U.S. Senator, never mind wanna be President? Do you believe now why he needs to be the Prez? To serve the people? On the other hand, the people serve Him and his wife!

Please pass the Mustard and do America a favor and pass this to your
Entry #11


Comment by reddog - October 23, 2004, 1:21 pm
Konane, the blind just can't see this. All they see is hatetrid for the current President and nothing else matters.
konaneComment by konane - October 23, 2004, 11:49 pm
What a man sows he will also reap so when hate comes home to roost, haters will be destroyed by their own hands when they least expect it.
Comment by dragon - October 24, 2004, 1:52 am
How many properties does George Bush own?

This seems like the most bizarre reason I have ever heard "not to vote" for somebody.

I haven't added it up, but I am pretty sure that the lifetime supply of Secret Service to all presidents combined in the last 50 years does not equal the cost of the Iraq war in ONE MONTH. Do that math.
Comment by reddog - October 24, 2004, 9:14 am
Ask that to all the Iraqi family members of the 10's of the thousands of men, women, and CHILDREN that Sadam has murdered in the last 10 years.
Comment by dragon - October 24, 2004, 11:41 am
Maybe we should also pay for the 10s of thousands of Africans that have been murdered by their countrymen THIS YEAR. How about we take over Africa.
konaneComment by konane - October 24, 2004, 3:32 pm
Saw where Syria is sending WMD's to Africa which have been used to annihilate those people, so it seems that the Middle East is still the problem. Have read a couple of reports that Saddam's WMD's were trucked out of Iraq and into Syria (Baqua [sp] Valley plus two other locations) prior to our sending in troops. Also understand that a considerable quantity of insecticides which are precursers for WMD's were found in Iraq in non-agricultural areas.

Anyway back to Syria, they seem to be a major sponsor and participant in genocide and continue in the same path they've always been on. Seems they're the root of the problem which present policy is dealing with as effectively as possible. Remember Lybia caved when they got caught and the same thing can happen with Syria.
whodeaniComment by whodeani - October 24, 2004, 6:33 pm
I would agree having tax dollars spent for protecting John Kerry's properties is a silly reason to not vote for John Kerry. But I would rather my tax dollars be spent on the war in Iraq than to have tax dollars spent paying secret service agents to steak out John and Tereza's mansions. Having their mansions secured may protect John and Tereza but does nothing to protect the rest of us. The war in Iraq on the other hand does.

I do seem to recall that John Kerry and John Edwards themselves were in favor of regime change in Iraq. But when the going got tough in Iraq some of the tough (I use this term loosely) changed their position when it would benefit them politically in their runs for president and vice president.
st.germainComment by st.germain - October 25, 2004, 9:41 am
Don't forget that we will have to protect his wife and the two kids too whenever they go out to party ,eat or play...fegiddabout it!!!!!
Comment by Babel - October 25, 2004, 3:25 pm
"Ask that to all the Iraqi family members of the 10's of the thousands of men, women, and CHILDREN that Sadam has murdered in the last 10 years."

As compared to the 10,000-30,000 we've killed in just this past year?

"Don't forget that we will have to protect his wife and the two kids too whenever they go out to party ,eat or play...fegiddabout it!!!!!"

Uh... the current president has a wife and two kids...

I'm with Dragon, you guys are reaching. Every day the pro Bush people come up with new reasons not to vote for Kerry and each is more silly then the one before it.
konaneComment by konane - October 25, 2004, 4:41 pm
Geesh ... this posting was a satirical email .... notice no links either embedded or at the end of the posting ..... and no quotation marks to designate it was a published article ....

Best reason to vote Bush is that he says what he's going to do and does what he says. Puts it in simple terms even short bus riders can understand.   

He doesn't paint pie in the sky nor set himself up as the second coming who's going to magically solve everyone's problems.

He is a realist who has done the best he could given 9-11 happening due to Clinton's inaction regarding intelligence and defense, due to massive bankruptcies due to Clinton signing a law in 1996 which allowed corporations to overstate revenues, a recession which it has been proven that began in Clinton's last year and more smoke and mirrors offered up to appease the easliy convinced.

Think any one of you could have done any better had you been in his shoes?????????????

Doubtful indeed.

A very remarkable job from a President I didn't know on 9-12-01 ...had it in him to pull it off but he has against all odds and against the most vehement hatred foisted on someone in recent time.
Comment by dragon - October 25, 2004, 8:55 pm
Just because President Bush did an ok job dealing with 9-11 is no reason to believe that there couldn't have been hundreds of other people in this country who could have done as good or better a job of dealing with it. Colin Powell, for one, would get my vote for president any time, even if he ran as an independent. There are others....

Could I have done better in his shoes? No. But I am not running for office for a reason.

I also don't think that it's fair to say that just because I am not voting for Bush, I am foisting hatred. I simply don't agree that it's best for the country to have his overall method of operation perpetuated for another 4 years. As in most election, I find myself voting for the lesser evil, unfortunately. The last time I voted with conviction was 1992 for Perot. I wish he had kept his marbles in one place. Since he didn't, I guess it's good we found out during the campaign, not afterwards.
hypersoniqComment by hypersoniq - October 25, 2004, 9:06 pm
How do you know kerry does not want you to know about the secret service protection... EVERY president gets that. If we're gonna get into unproven conjecture, bush paints a way uglier picture than kerry...
Without Pearl Harbor, FDR would have never gotten the people behind war with Japan and eventually Hitler...
Look at all the Bush benefits from 9/11... Patriot Act, War with saddam, Focus off of the domestic front...
Draw your own conclusions... But if you ever have the chance, charter a private plane over Area51 and see how fast a fully armed F16 appears to escort you out...

Comment by JackT - October 26, 2004, 3:07 am
Re: "I didn't think of this!" Subject: "You will pay upkeep/Secret Service for 5 Kerry mansions."

The original posting violated the Lottery Post rule prohibiting chain mail. It surprised me to find that anyone would post obviously erroneous information for the sole purpose of supporting a political point of view. Leaving off the quotes and referring to the original lie as satire just compounds the problem.

Many debunking sites have recognized that the original chain mail is false. Anyone interested in seeing an analysis of this mis-information should go to: http://www.snopes.com/politics/kerry/secret.asp

Here are some excerpts from snopes:

"... Claim:   If John Kerry were elected President, the Secret Service would have to protect him and every property he owns for the rest of his life.

Status:   False.

Example:   [Collected on the Internet, 2004]

Origins:   The fact that Senator John Kerry's middle name is "Forbes" is about the only piece of information this latest political diatribe gets right.

For more information about the protection afforded former Presidents, see our article about a similar rumor that was attached to the previous First Couple when President Bill Clinton left office in 2001 at: http://www.snopes.com/inboxer/outrage/landlord.htm ..."

My recommendation to anyone posting or just reading articles like this:
     Check the grammar and word construct. Most spam, like this one, have obviously disjointed phrases and grammar errors.
     Make sure the article passes the "common sense" test. Just use this posting as an example - not one sentence is logical or uses correct grammar.
     Verify that the article doesn't show up in one of the debunking sites like http://www.snopes.com   http://www.urbanlegends.com/legends/ http://www.breakthechain.org/ http://www.truthorfiction.com/
konaneComment by konane - October 26, 2004, 10:19 pm
Jack T .... Happy you brought the chain mail designation to my attention because I surely didn't know it before posting. An obvious type of chain mail is to try to elicit money from anyone who receives it, which this clearly did not fall into that category.

In so far as your comment ..... "It surprised me to find that anyone would post obviously erroneous information for the sole purpose of supporting a political point of view."

My answer to the above is that you probably haven't listened to the big 3 network news lately or visited left slanted Hate Bush sites or you might look at things a bit differently. However, we're still living in a nation where free speech is still allowed, thanks to the blood of soldiers spilled on foreign soil to afford us that right.

Your comment "Leaving off the quotes and referring to the original lie as satire just compounds the problem."

My answer:   What quotes?????????? There were no quotes because it was not a published article which I clearly stated in a previous post.

Read what I wrote as it is clearly written, develop a sense of humor, or better yet get a life.

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