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"How the UN legitimizes terrorists


Excerpted, this is a very powerfully worded article about the corrupt UN, its mindset toward democracy, freedom, Israel defending its very life. 

Taking it one step further it shows why the UN is so anti-US ... it only gives lip service to democracy and freedoms which are built into the fabric of the US. 

Yes the UN is anti-Israel, anti-US because those two nations are what the current UN will never be without a house cleaning from the ground up.  I don't foresee that happening within my lifetime.  Hope I'm surprised.


"How the UN legitimizes terrorists

By Alan M. Dershowitz
Published July 25, 2006

Source Chicago Tribune


"If anyone wonders why the UN has rendered itself worse than irrelevant in the Arab-Israeli conflict, all he or she need do is read UN Secretary General Kofi Annan's July 20 statement. Annan goes to great pains to suggest equal fault and moral equivalence between the rockets of Hezbollah and Hamas that specifically target innocent civilians and the self-defense efforts by Israel, which tries desperately, though not always successfully, to avoid causing civilian casualties. In his statement, Annan never condemns, or even mentions, terrorism, which is a root cause and precipitator of the conflict."..................


 ......"The UN peacekeepers on the Lebanese border have turned out to be collaborators with Hezbollah, videotaping the Hezbollah kidnapping of three Israeli soldiers in 2000 and then refusing to release the video--which could have helped in the rescue--on the grounds that it might compromise their "neutrality."

This is a real test for the UN. If it cannot--or will not--distinguish between terrorists who target civilians and a democracy that seeks to stop the terrorism while minimizing civilian casualties, it has become part of the problem, rather than part of the solution."


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