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Candles and Quintiles


Please read the following and join us on October 27th, 2004, in creating "CANDLES ACROSS AMERICA" to Light the way for the 2004 Presidential Election.

This is a vitally important time for America. Some of us have felt paralyzed, as if there is little we can do as individuals beyond campaigning and
voting. But we can do more. One person can make a difference. Think of Rosa Parks, Gandhi, Winston Churchill, or your own personal hero. The Light within you - the power of consciousness - has the power to manifest reality.
And Millions of US working together can move mountains. After all, if you look at US, aren't those the initials for the United States? Doesn't it make sense that if all of US unite, we can bring our country back into the Light again? Working together we can bathe America in Light for peace, Enlightenment and ensure a fair, just and ethically conducted U.S. Presidential Election on November 2nd, 2004, along with a safe and successful inauguration of that race's correct winner.

Here's all you have to do:

1. Any time in the two hours before 8:07 pm Pacific Daylight Time (11:07 Eastern, 10:07 Central, 9:07 Mountain) (U.S.) on October 27th, 2004 (the time of the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse), light a white candle. Any size larger than a birthday candle will do. Try to light it between twenty-five minutes before to five minute after the hour to take advantage of an hourly tide. A white candle represents Clarity, Light, and Truth - something we really need in these times.

2. Sit with your candle and visualize Brilliant White Light flooding the Oval Office, the White House, the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives, the Supreme Court, the Pentagon, every physical ballot, every polling booth, every voting precinct, every ballot box, every place and everyone responsible for conducting the election process, especially the places where votes are tallied and the people who tally them. See every major and minor news outlet (especially TV and cable networks, wire services, news people covering the election) infused with Brilliant White Light.

3. See the election process proceeding normally without trouble or interference of any kind. See the correct winner announced and the news people announcing the correct winner bathed in Light. Bathe your area and the entire country and all of its citizens, especially those able to vote, in Brilliant White Light and see them freely casting their votes without impediment of any kind and see all of their votes accurately counted.

4. If need be, see the Supreme Court and judicial system backing up a fair and accurate tally.

5. See the correct winner successfully inaugurated and safely fulfill his term over the next four years.

Affirm: "The 2004 U.S. Presidential Election is conducted fairly and ethically in each and every detail without interruption or interference of any kind."

Feel free to add your own prayers and positive White Light visualizations and affirmations.

Pernorm this exercise in groups or in conjunction with your own spiritual practice.

Do this exercise even starting now but especially on October 27th as discussed above when we will all be working together.

Do this with all your heart, all your soul, all of your mind, all of your senses and feel the energy flow.

Banish any fear or anxiety you may have about the American situation. Let only strong, positive, peaceful and even joyful feelings provide the force for your visualizations and affirmations.

Send this innormation to as many others you can think of who would be interested in doing this vital work. We need to get it out to as many spiritually conscious folks as we possibly can by the 26th. Post it on your website, hand it out as a flyer, whatever it takes to help get the word out to as many individuals, groups and organizations as possible.

If we all work together, we cannot fail; Enlightenment, justice, truth and a fair and ethical election and resulting inauguration will prevail.

Working together we can turn the course of this dark tide. We can create light if each and every one of us is willing to mark our calendars and take the time to be a "Candle across America."
We can't emphasize enough how important this is: that we the people stand for something again in this beloved country of ours.

Another note of interest is that there will be a Grand Quintile as well. The Grand Quintile is a rare aspect that always presages powerfully significant changes in the human condition. This unusual aspect, first delineated by Johannes Kepler, is a division of the 360 degree circumference of the zodiac by 5, producing a five-pointed star (or pentagram-the mark of Venus). Two Grand Quintiles occur in October 2004, the first on October 1 and the second on October 28, in close conjunction with a lunar eclipse. Thus the Solar Eclipse occurs at the mid-point of two Grand Quintiles, a rare occurrence indeed.

Agree to remember; give yourself permission to remember who you are!
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konaneComment by konane - October 26, 2004, 2:52 pm
Dunno where you got that but it is awesome and very powerful. Thank you very much for posting it.
ayenowitallComment by ayenowitall - October 27, 2004, 1:47 am
Thanks konane. Election season is so full of animosity and negativity that it's quite a turn off for so many people. This appealed to me because it gives us a more positive option for dealing with the whole process.


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