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New Monopoly And Solaris Millionaires


Last Edited: October 22, 2014, 3:37 pm

THIS BLOG Covers the new mONOPOLY AND the SOLARIS system


Here is an example of How the Lottery erodes our ability to choose (and basically wins our money. First we get Powerball, and its 200 to 1 Million odds. Then Mega Millions at 300 Million to 1. So one (usually) big winner, and it takes months to find one. Now Monopoly claims an easier big win, and more winners. Is it an improvement or just another Monopoly game, fewer real winners, and many more losers? 

IS THIS TRUE? How to Play Monopoly.... MONOPOLY game costs $5. Once per week, so instead of $4 a week for PB, its $5. We will see 10 to 15 more millionaires (actually after taxes is much less). The Mega and PB also give 5 number millionaire prizes. The odds are still very very long. Here we do not get to choose the 6th ball, which is a 1 in 28 Monopoly Number (based on the Game Board Places). The real odds of winning jackpot is 1-52 with extra 1 in 28 are only slightly better than PB. (Mono is 1 in 150 Million). If you do play you can win a Million if your ticket is chosen among 10 or so players with the correct 6th Ball card. This game is a match of scratch-off and Powerball like Odds. 

On the surface, acting just like Government and Religion, your right to choose numbers is even more limited. In the cash cards (scratch off's), you choose no numbers. In MONOPOLY, you do not choose the 6th number either. I have shown how using a number system can reduce your odds in half down to about 1 in 10,000 to 100,000. Choosing your numbers is better than random. But we will continue to play, for the hoped for 1 Million, despite the odds. We all do.  TO win the Million, you still have to hope some one else wins the big prize, because otherwise no Millionaires are paid on the ticket. 

REAL CLAIM OR BOARDWALK BROKE? Be prepared for Honesty here. 

Although it may appear generously, otherwise the Lottery continues it's largesse and increases its' take each year.  Chances to win are decreasing. The money does support education, but only maintenance of the status Quo. IT seems to show lack of real improvement since the inception in 1990's. As time goes on, IT never improves our real chances to win. Is this rant or Real? Let me explain. 

The claim you're getting more for your buck, as well that MONO is for a niche market, is not really true. Everyone who chooses numbers in Mega or PB will also play or switch over to MONO. It's the same racket with a different face.  In Mono, You still have to get the correct quick pick ticket to be eligible for the million extra win. It's not a choice you get to make, but it can win, and who wouldn't risk 5 Bucks a week for it. Well, many won't. But it sounds good. Here it's Park Place (the Government office) and Boardwalk, where you walk by the rich homes, and say, wow and how Beautiful. But its not yours, any more than the government is. No one but the states can run a lottery.


Here It's the government making money and supporting itself at our expense, $5 a week. And if Governor Crist vs. Scott Debate is any indication, (There are 5 candidates not 2, didn't you know?) we are JUST IN for more of the same and worse. It's not freedom. It's control. Government has been eroding freedom from the People for years.  Religion is much the same. Have faith in a monopoly leader, or dead saint? Then you will see, it is all belief, and hope only. Your choice beyond acceptance of the false choice is to be real, but to believe in a deity that is out there, somewhere, beyond your control, or of a reward only after death. It's not here now, or it's based on the hope the government (or religion) will allow you the freedom you have already had. What this is doing, with the appearance of making millionaires, (rich in spirit or rich in pocket) as it claims IT IS the purveyor of your freedom and wealth. Monopoly is just one very clear example. It is all the same MONO - One Ruler, with one big winner, everyone else loses. It's surely not real <Love!

SOLARIS and Right to Free Choice for the 3rd Millenium

So this Blog is about Freedom, and about Right to Choose, and your Right to KNow. It is also about Lottery Players having an advantage. I will from time to time provide KEY winning number choices using my experience and Relative system I name here as SOLARIS. It can help reduce your odds of loss, and be on a ticket that wins. 

The SOLARIS is very good, very much improved but is also work in progress. It works but shows itself as incidental, not accidental, that the numbers are close. Solaris had 71/41/11 73/43 48 21 56 35/5 and 9 for last Mega Millions. That is wins with 35/5 41 and 11 as Mega Ball for four of seven. 


Here is also an original concept of 50 players/share the winnings. I mean really sharing, not giving a smaller portion to a few players. Everybody has access to the winnings, and its good values. If 50 of us played 1 dollar ticket each drawing, and shared the win prize of 200 Million by pooling all the payout to share among us all, when one of us wins. Now that is Real Sharing. But I do not think many people will do this, because they want to own it ALL themselves. I don't need to own a yacht, to use one. True Sharing, in TrUth, as I have written here, is not Monopoly. It's much more than a game. And yes, it is what I would do with my 2/20/ or 200 Million. Idealistic or not. You must see for yourself. IF you can SEE IT here, You are a winner. 

FIND SOLARIS MONOPOLY on LOTTERY POST FORUMS. Good luck and let us know when you WIN!

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MADDOG10Comment by MADDOG10 - October 22, 2014, 9:40 pm
Good analogy. This has been eroding for many years.     Thanks.....

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