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Few Or No Jackpots Since March


The FACTS: There has not been one winner in FLORIDA LOTTO since March.  There HAS NOT BEEN one Winner in Mega, Powerball and LOTTO in months, with the states earning more than HALF A BILLION with ZERO PAYOUTS. The only thing more amazing is our willingness to continue to allow it. 

LET'S BE HONEST : The glaring fact is the ODDS OF JACKPOT WINS and WINS AT ANY LEVEL are just WAY TOO BIG. It is a Giant on an Anthill, and we ants get crushed, because the Giant is walking on us.....and there have been as many complaints about this and there have been winners, about one. Are we sheep? It is time we let the Lottery and States know the SCAM and SCAPE needs a great change.

An example of the Collusion is the three games at same time, as Monopoly Lucky Money and Fantasy 5 drawings all occur on the same night, thus thinning the pool of choices based on Solar time of drawing. I have shown how SOLARIS can provide a closer look at winners, even multi-states in competition, but often, Lotteries do not draw at the same appointed time each night. It is all quite obfuscated and not at all a Fair Game. There are stories of private Lottery sites being shut down due to the same hampering of Freedom of Choice and Real Communication.

There are bigger reasons for this than just lottery, it is systemic political and financial subterfuge. At least by reading this you will know. Maybe a quantum leap can occur in the society, when enough people realize and Really SEE what is going on. You can relate it to legal, financial, insurance, investment and the medical community, among others, all of which use the same tactics. The question is, who do you want to serve? Equality and Freedom of Choice, or Control and Dishonesty. 

In the meantime  I will continue to publish PB MEGA AND FLORIDA LOTTERY Best Choices and Smart Focus SOLARIS which can help create winners. We wish to advantage players to win. This is a service, and a good Holistic method. I hope you will show others to finding the Real. Here are real numbers based on the real Time and Real SolarIS which appears in the results of the number sets. It is (being real) that works. The rest is Illusion. 

Good Luck (defined as being TrUly GUD)....and Let us KNOW WHEN YOU WIN!

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