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"Howard Dean is losing his mind, and it ain't pretty


Last Edited: July 30, 2006, 10:36 am

"Howard Dean, Stalin, advanced psychopathy

"Howard Dean is losing his mind, and it ain’t pretty

By John Burtis

Source Canada Free Press

Saturday, July 29, 2006

"Sadly, for his family and the Democratic Party, which is hard pressed for heroes lately, Howard’s not ensconced at home simply seeing coelacanths in his bathtub or six foot bunny rabbits dressed as SS men eating Fruit Loops from his favorite bowl and leaving it, unwashed, in the sink for Mr. Dean clean up.

Nope, Howard Dean, physician, DNC Chairman, father, Sky Captain, former Vermont governor, health care guru, is going nuts publicly, on stage, in front of millions on television, with his ravings being broadcast to everyone awake at the particular time of his "speech," or later, to folks with a radio.

And with the sad state of today’s media, his noxious slurrings, outrageous bawlings, vicious stammerings, sheer insensate balderdash, and malicious imputations are transmitted as the learned offerings of an utterly sane man.

In fact, this crass lunatic is treated as a man of knowledge and import, whose crazed ideas are viewed as mainstream by a media straddling the same creaky bridge to an inchoate nowhere as Mr. Dean.

Imagine that it is 2017. And a family is entering the public restrooms in a large urban parking structure in, oh, say Santa Monica, California. As the father and his two boys walk in they are met by a disheveled, unkempt and wild eyed man who, it appears, has been awakened from a nap on the floor under the hand dryers.

Surprised, they back towards the door as this ghastly apparition staggers towards them, his arms waving in uneven circles, his wet shoes squeaking on the damp floor.

Suddenly he begins a guttural holler, unintelligible at first, but as he begins to yell more loudly, the words finally become clear.

"They’re all Stalinists and crooks and criminals! They have destroyed me and they’ll destroy you! The end is near! Nobody listened to me! Not to old Howard! Nooo! They did for awhile! But they threw me away! They said I was an idiot! But I’m here to tell you that I see them! They’re here! They’re everywhere! The Democrats are as bad as the dirty filthy Republicans! They’re all criminals and mafia! Are you people here to interview me? Eeeeeyyaaaaaah!"

The family quickly leaves and calls the police.

Within a few minutes four officers approach the man, who can offer no identification other than a small card on which is printed Brooks Brothers, 666 Fifth Avenue, NY, NY, and after a few minutes of a similar high decibel discussion, punctuated with shadow boxing, kicking, and some biting, the officers take the man into custody and transport him to jail.

There the watch commander decides the man needs a 72-hour involuntary commitment to a state hospital, and the subject, who claims to a medical doctor, and who also alleges that he is Howard Dean, the former head of the Democratic National Committee, among other wild and frightening stories, is loaded into a police car for immediate transport.

Although his family is finally located, they claim the man in question does not in any way resemble the Dr. Howard Dean they know and who is, by the way, on a lengthy sabbatical.

Today the only difference is that Mr. Howard Dean has handlers and that the Democrats, the media, and his family still listen to him, at least occasionally, and his off-color badinage.

But just imagine if these support mechanisms simply fell away and left Mr. Dean alone on a street corner in some city. How would he manage on his own? How would he get around? What would this poor sorry broken lunatic of a wreck of a man do for meaningful work? How would he express himself to common folk?

Mr. Dean has called Katherine Harris "Stalin" and a "crook" for simply doing her job and certifying the voting results that Mr. Dean’s Democratic paladins turned into her. If anybody in this mix is the criminals, it would be the Democrats who manned the polls, counted the ballots and forwarded them and their numbers, to say nothing of the chads, to Ms. Harris from the predominantly Democratic counties in question from the great Democratic hoax of their 2000 election sham.

But those small distinctions would matter only to a sane man and Mr. Howard Dean has proven over and over that he is no more sane than the real Mr. Stalin was.

It would be nice to see if Mr. Dean has marked up anybody’s electoral lists with a green pencil calling for more dead, more felons, and more illegal aliens to be added to the tallies like Mr. Stalin would have done in the margins.

Mr. Dean, it’s time to get help. Can you employ the wherewithal to seek the help you need before you end up wandering around yelling and sleeping in your suits and shoes on restroom floors like the poor unfortunates who inhabit so many nooks and crannies in our inner cities?

Physician, can you heal yourself or have things gone too far?  "


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