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Wi-Fi Hot Spot 4G


I am having great trouble with my land-line telephone connection and DSL Internet that comes from or thru it, as a matter of fact both of them are down (Kaput).

So I just went to Wallmart and got a prepaid Wi-Fi Internet Hot Spot, I am using it right now here to connect to the Lottery Post with it and also to UTube and it works great!, I am using it with my WinXP desktop computer, I had to connect to it a USB amplified antenna and its driver that I bought a long time ago, not because of any problem with the signal from the Hot Spot, but because I could not get a wireless network connection with out it for some reason, but no big deal this only means that now I can pick up the signal from the Hot Spot at a much greater range, also I am getting a speed of 65.0 Mbps or at least that is what the computer tells me that I am getting, but I have not get tried and online Internet speed test to be 100% sure about it, I had to pay or the Hot Spot hardware of course and also for the amplified antenna that I am using, but those are a one time payment, now I would just need I guess to maybe once  a month or whenever buy newer prepaid cards, that is how the Internet service gets paid, I can buy them at Wallmart, the Walmart clerk made the activation of the service himself as I have no telephone service right now as soon as I can I am getting rid of AT&T and my land-line telephone service wich does not work any way right now and I might get a cell phone and service which I have never yet had, I guess I have been living in the stone age.

But I will not update operating systems, I like to use WinXP, maybe I will some time much later, when I really need to, but it might not be for quite a while yet.

I am happy with my HotSpot so far, I wonder or how long 3 Gigas of data will last? I know that it depends on how much I use it, well I will find out sooner or later.

Now I can have a portable Internet signal that I can also use with my WinXP netbook if I want to.

Should had tried this sooner, but I think that this is more or less new stuff that wasn't there too long ago.

By the way it is $30 for 3 Gigas of data.

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hearsetraxComment by hearsetrax - December 8, 2014, 6:18 am
thanks for the tip .....
as for XP
they quit supporting it and I kinda miss my XP machine .....

but I like my Vista machine a bit better too bad they quit making gizmos for the side bar that came with it

last I remember from the virtual compuker newsrack
if you thinking about getting a new system its best to wait till april or so

MonElComment by MonEl - December 9, 2014, 1:26 am
Microsoft quit supporting WinXP, yes, yet WinXP still works just fine and the SP3 update pack seems to also work fine.
I am still using WinXP and I am using it right now here and so far I don't have any problems with it, so I won't get a new operating system no time soon, I think, but thanks!!!

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