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"Media Caught Over Qana Photos


Well looks like the media and UN are on the side of Islamafascism.  I connected the dots a long time ago.  How 'bout you???


Remember those photos that have been running in the media showing a rescue worker holding a dead child following the Israeli air strike  in Qana?  The message of those pictures has been powerful: look at what those evil Israelis did to that poor, innocent child.  Well, now we learn that all may not be what it seems.

Many of those pictures were taken by the photographers for wire services like the Associated Press,  Reuters and the always pro-terrorist Agence France-Presse, also known as AFP.  But an enterprising British blogger decided to dig a bit deeper.  (  http://eureferendum.blogspot.com/2006/08/game-set-and-match.html  )  He looked at the time stamp on some of the photos and noticed a discrepancy.  A big one.

Without getting too technical, it was noticed that one of the photos taken at 7:21 by the AP shows a dead girl in an ambulance.  Then, in a picture taken at 10:25am ... 3 hours later .... it shows the same girl being loaded into an ambulance.  Yet another picture shows the same girl 20 minutes later, being carried by a rescue worker ... with no ambulance around.

In the ambulance ... out of the ambulance ... no ambulance at all.  What does this tell us?  The photos were staged.  They're propaganda. Who would do such a thing?  Hezbollah, of course.  And why would the media be a willing accomplice in such a bold attempt to invent negative media coverage against Israel?  Because they hate the United States and/or Israel, or because they're just plain on the side of the Islamofascists.

Now that the wire services and their photographers have been called out on it, they're all dancing on the head of a pin trying to explain away the discrepancy.  They've been nailed as willing participants in the Islamic terror propaganda efforts. "


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