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"It's Not Just About Land


Last Edited: August 3, 2006, 10:48 am

Excerpts from the following article reiterate what this video link I posted yesterday says ..... they blame everyone for their problems rather than trying to address their failed system and correct those problems. 

However that's typical of anyone stuck in the past, wanting to turn back the hands of time to what was once glory days their own actions allowed to slip away.

Just remember Islamafascists are directly descended from Hitler's Nazis and now have expanded their targets to all who do not believe in their radical version of Islam.

If you haven't viewed the video I posted yesterday you've missed something really important.  Here's the link again, and you need a good stomach to view it. 

Video  "Obsession: What The War on Terror Is Really About
 1 hr 17 min 30 sec - Jul 18, 2006

"It's Not Just About Land
By Victor Davis Hanson
Source Real Clear Politics

Despite the claims of terrorist organizations, Israel's current two-front war is not just about land. After all, Hezbollah and Hamas fired rockets from Lebanon and Gaza well after Israel had withdrawn from both places.".....

....."Why their hurt?

For about the last half-century, globalization has passed most of the recalcitrant Middle East by -- economically, socially and politically. The result is that there are now few inventions and little science emanating from the Islamic world -- but a great deal of poverty, tyranny and violence. And rather than make the necessary structural changes that might end cultural impediments to progress and modernity -- such as tribalism, patriarchy, gender apartheid, polygamy, autocracy, statism and fundamentalism -- too many Middle Easterners have preferred to embrace the reactionary past and the cult of victimization.

At one time or another, they have welcomed all the bankrupt ideologies that traditionally blame others for prior self-induced failure: fascism, communism, Baathism, Pan-Arabism and, most recently, Islamic fundamentalism.".....


...."Instead, there will be no peace in the general Middle East until Iranians and Arabs have true constitutional government, free institutions, open markets and the rule of law. Without these reforms, they will continue to fail, seeking easy refuge in the shreds of mythical ancestral honor -- and this pathetic neurosis of blaming nearby Israel for the loss of it."


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