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Watching For Ontario Pick 3 Game Change Ups


Well, that little streak of 3-wins-in-a-row died out as the game changed and the repeat of pairs in a certain way changed.  I think this is normal in a fast-moving game such as the twice-a-day pick games. So, the challenge becomes being able to see when these patterns change.

I've noticed that the repeat of two digits from a draw into the very next draw occurs periodically, something like every 8-12 draws, so will be on the lookout for this.

As well, I've seen that pairs repeat quickly after they've been out for about 16-20 draws or so.  I check where the pair came out previously, and then for the third number, I go 1 up and 1 down from the number that previously came out with it.

Do you notice similar patterns in your pick 3 game? What's your fav strategy for winning? Tx.

Entry #4


lottolaughsComment by lottolaughs - January 6, 2015, 5:36 pm
Minka$Comment by Minka$ - January 7, 2015, 5:54 pm
Tx lottolaughs! The third recurrence of a pair is exactly what I'm currently tracking. Can't believe today's (Jan 7 2015) midday ON P3 was 448, a duplicate repetition of all three digits of the 1st occurrence of the pair 44_ - sheesh. I'd played 445, down 1 from the intervening draw of 446.

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