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My Journey Playing The Pick 4 Lottery!


Last Edited: January 7, 2015, 7:14 am

I started playing the Pick 4 games, around December 2011 and it wasn't until January 2012, when I thought I mastered it. In January 2012, I thought I was ready for the games after a month spent formulating a theory for a winning system.  I will never forget, On January 27, 2012 in the PA Big 4 game I put my system to the test.  With $ 5 dollars in hand I went to my local Turkey Hill and played all 10 combinations boxed that my system provided.  Returned home and immediately took a nap.  I awoke a little later that night around 9 PM, completely missing the drawing.  Curious to know how I did I immediately went over to my pants that were on the floor to retrieve my lottery tickets then proceeded towards the living room, where my laptop was.  I fired it up and logged on to LP to check the winning numbers.  I forgot exactly what they were (nothing but a LP search) but I was a winner.  I was so thrilled and it wasn't about the money either, it had more to do with the fact that the process behind in which the numbers were selected actually worked.  I was marveled by the idea that a process in which I created to select winning numbers, just so happens to be the same winning numbers that the state of PA selected as winners for that nights Big 4 drawing, I was completely blown away.  I remember going that night to cash the winning ticket and it just so happens I was friends with the clerk and when I provided him the winning ticket, he couldn't believe it.  I remember he saying something to the effect as "no way" and I am like puzzled in my head as to why such astonishment. Whatever it was I don't know all I know is I left feeling pretty good about myself and I am thinking to myself I am on my way and if he thinks this is something, watch what I have in store.


The next few weeks with about $50 I did about $1,000 dollars in winnings but it was all lost later on at the Black Jack table.  In retrospect, it probably was a good thing because, I'm thinking that I am off to the races with this new system, but its not only until later to I find out that it is flawed and had I not lost my money in Black Jack it was destined to be lost playing the numbers with a flawed system, despite the previous success. I learned that there was a new and better approach to selecting the numbers and for the next few months I continued to play the numbers but with modest success.  It all came to halt, in July 2012, I was having a baby and I had to move, so I had to scrap the numbers for the time being.  I didn't pick it up again until September of that year, played for a little but then stopped around December after my baby was born.  Beginning in January 2013 for the new year, I learned there was a better approach and that this maybe the reason as to why I been having modest success, I made some tweaks that month and prepared for February and this time I had a new state, armed with a new approach, I liked my chances.  That February I did around $1,500 dollars in NJ.  One of those wins in particularly I remember vividly.  I was on the phone with my late Grandma when I checked the results, it was followed by a yell into the receiver of the phone, my Grandma didn't know what was going on, she'd thought something happened to me and then I told her what had happened, that I had won around $600 dollars and she couldn't believe it.  She was really happy for me, that things were finally going my way for a change.  The next month I did around $1000, then the next few months things dried up in NJ I think I had about maybe just 1 hit in those months.  I didn't know what was going on, in fact I wrote about here in LP.  I accused them of cheating but they may not have been, but that is still out to jury, at least in my mind but I can tell you that after the privatization NJ Pick 4 game for me was never the same.  I was now stateless and in need of a state.  At the time I had been doing some trial runs with NC, MD and NY just to name a few but nothing came quite close to the success that I had in NJ.  For the remainder of the year I just withered away.  The likelihood of my expectations being derailed had me down.  I needed to do something and I needed to do something big, something that would allow me to regain my confidence and make again real my expectations. 


The new year came and its now 2014 almost two years have now passed and I have little to show.  My family is now winning, my expectations to them, simply put are delusional at best but in my heart its like I know what I know and would like to prove them wrong.  I went to elance to find a programmer and found a nice one in India, who put together this nice little program for me.  I couldn't believe that these ideas that I had in my head could now be automated.  Now with a click of a button this mundane task of selecting numbers could be done within minutes, something that use to take me 30 minutes to perform.  And not only could of keep track of one state but as many as I liked.  I was now feeling good about myself.  I had the final copy handed to me in the second week of February, but it was too late to begin to play.  I like to start at the beginning of the month this way I don't miss out on any winners.  In the meantime, I would track its performance for the various states.  I garnered about 10 hits that February and was delighted, I wanted more but nevertheless I was satisfied.  My new strategy now was knowing that there would sometimes be droughts when playing the games in certain states but to let them offset each other, this way in the end I can count on making some money.  I was trying win and win consistently as possible and I thought the only way to do this was to play more states but in the end I was wrong.  I prepared myself for March, ready to do my thing now armed with a program, my capital and my A+ states, I was not only ready but ready for war.  March turned out to be a dud, although I made some monies.  There was a problem, I was playing to many states with an insufficient bankroll and a lot of the times I would miss out on winners because there would be two sets of numbers, each set with an average of 20 combinations and with little capital I couldn't afford to play all the states that I were doing, playing both sets of numbers.  Normally, I would just skip over a drawing that had two sets but in doing so, was too costly, I would miss out on winners.  I remember one time a triple in NY, that my system provided me but I didn't play because it came with having to play an additional set, so I skipped it and obviously I was hurt.


I tried again in April with no success this time around I didn't even manage to get just 1 hit.  Not wanting to lose the programmer, afraid that I would lose contact with him I immediately put him to work on a Pick 3 system, I figured I will try my hand there.  With in no time it was completed because it was the same concepts as the Pick 4, I was ready to take a swing at the Pick 3, prior to the month in which I was getting ready to play I did some back testing in got about 12 hits and was pleased.  I think you know where this is heading, I patiently prepared myself for the upcoming month.  The month came and went and I was disgusted. I was now here  Lately, I have been doing trial runs in PA and like my chances.  Upon destinycreations advice I really considered just playing and mastering one state, so this is where I am as of today.  Playing one state allows me to play the extra set that I would always previously skip when I played multiple states.  This month I have been posting all of my plays for PA for this month, so far with one hit on 1/4 Midday 9636 which I failed to post.  I will continue to post for the rest of the month to measure my performance.  I really do like my chances this time around.  If this happens to fail, I am out of ideas and think it would be best for me to just walk away from the games knowing that I tried my best.  Again, I want to thank destinycreations for her support.


If you happen to read this blog, let me know in a comment or something that way I will know at least someone is paying attention but most important to keep me inspired as I continue my journey.




P.S Wish me well with today's midday drawing.

Entry #100


Comment by beans - January 7, 2015, 10:28 am
Happy New Year chriss16! Don't give up. I'm playing 5 of your numbers today 50/50 1369-1479-1478-1468-1469. Wish you well!
Comment by chrissy16 - January 7, 2015, 3:57 pm
Happy New Year to you too, Beans!. I am trying not to give up. I wish you would have snatched 4106 it played this Midday. Anyway, wishing you well too!
NikkicuteComment by Nikkicute - January 7, 2015, 10:48 pm
Good Luck to you Chrissy!! I"m sure concentrating on one state will help you focus on the numbers and bring in more wins.
Comment by chrissy16 - January 8, 2015, 5:31 pm
Thank You!, Nikki. I'm trying.

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