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Broke Back Mountain !!


Here recently Loser has informed Speedo he has his back. Wrong or right, they have each other's back. Well, what comes to mind is broke back mountain. I am sure these two have no idea what I am talking about since they are low information individuals. Sad !! One day these two will be rehabilitated to reality.

Entry #68


Comment by onlymoney - January 7, 2015, 7:44 pm
Bigots can be rehabilitated too.
Comment by reddog - January 7, 2015, 8:38 pm
True, but only if they can get back to reality. But watching low information shows like Entertainment Tonight or sitting on your front porch all day is not going to cut it for these low information individuals.
Comment by onlymoney - January 7, 2015, 9:13 pm
Well, are you really able to get back to reality?
MADDOG10Comment by MADDOG10 - January 7, 2015, 10:10 pm
Now what do you think al sharptons " Viagra" prescription was doing at rubensteins apartment.?
I guess he was trying the "Broke Back Mountain" harlem style don't you know..

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