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Social Security



> Social Security


> This was sent to me by a friend recently


> Subject: Social Security


> This is unbelievable. How things change with time. This is

>really good

> innormation...we should all hit everyone in our address books.


> Roosevelt, a Democrat, introduced the Social Security

> (FICA) Program. He promised:


> 1.) That participation in the Program would be completely


> 2.) That the participants would only have to pay 1% of the first

>$1,400 of

> their annual incomes into the Program.

> 3.) That the money the participants elected to put into the

>Program would be

> deductible from their income for tax purposes each year.


> 4.) That the money the participants put into the independent

>"Trust Fund"

> rather than into the General operating fund, and therefore,

>would only be

> used to fund the Social Security Retirement Program, and no

>other Government

> program,

> 5.) That the annuity payments to the retirees would never be

>taxed as income

> Since many of us have paid into FICA for years and are now

>receiving a

> Social Security check every month -- and then finding that we

>are getting

> taxed on 85% of the money we paid to the Federal government to

>"put away,"

> you may be interested in the following:


> Q: Which Political Party took Social Security from the

>independent "Trust"

> fund and put it into the General fund so that Congress could

>spend it?

> A: It was Lyndon Johnson and the Democratically-controlled House

>and Senate.



> Q: Which Political Party eliminated the income tax deduction for


> Security (FICA) withholding?

> A: The Democratic Party.


> Q: Which Political Party started taxing Social Security


> A: The Democratic Party, with Al Gore casting the "tie-breaking"


> vote as President of the Senate, while he was Vice President of

>the Senate.



> Q: Which Political Party decided to start giving annuity

>payments to

> immigrants?

> A: That's right! Jimmy Carter and the Democratic Party.

>Immigrants moved

> into this country, and at age 65, began to receive SSI Social


> payments! The Democratic Party gave these payments to them, even

>though they

> never paid a dime into it!




> Then, after doing all this lying and thieving and violation of

>the original

> contract (FICA), the Democrats turn around and tell you that the


> want to take your Social Security away! And the worst part about

>it is,

> uninnormed citizens believe it!


> Perhaps we are asking the wrong questions during this 2004

>election year! If

> enough people receive this, maybe a seed of awareness will be

>planted and

Entry #1


ToddComment by Todd - October 28, 2004, 6:54 pm
Very interesting, thanks for posting!
Comment by Babel - October 29, 2004, 9:05 pm
I actually like the suggestion from the President to allow private accounts. I've said for years that I don't expect to see a dollar out of all the social security payments I've made. My only concern is how does he expect to pull this off without putting the fund that everyone says will break soon in even more danger. That's an important question. And every time the President or someone speaking for him is asked that clear direct question they launch into an attack on Kerry.
johnph77Comment by johnph77 - December 4, 2004, 5:00 pm
Don't forget to look into the history of who started diluting FICA for other social programs, like Aid to Dependent Children and the like. The system would still be perpetually self-supporting if the original intentions of remaining a retirement system only had been followed.

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