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Ohio Rolling Cash 5 Results for Sat, 08/05/06


The information provided here is a work in progress. Changes occur whenever there is a contributory need. Please look the entire work over regularly to see whats new or different.

The lottery pool remained in dormant phase re-emerging in -C mode on Saturday, 08/05/06. This phase and mode is unfavorable for wagering bets on Monday, 08/07/06 utilizing the StatPath 5 Lotto System numbers. The total sum migrated downward from 97 to 49


Entry #77


LottoVantageComment by LottoVantage - August 6, 2006, 10:53 am
Looking at the sum chart, it appears that the next possible TOTAL SUM may appear at the 95 to 117 total sum range.

Whenever I personally decide to actually bet money, the procedure I follow proceeds like this:

I use a 4if5 of 19, and a 4if5 of 20 wheel and wheel both (20 upper tier & 19 lower tier) strings of numbers. Then, utilizing the sum filtering option, I reduce the sum range for both wheels to the range that I suspect the (total sum) will arrive at.

If I have a very strong intuition that one tier group or the other is more favorable for the next appearance of the numbers, I sometimes will wheel that favorable (tier group) alone to cover more possible numbers, (less filtering).

In order to economize as much as possible, the only other filtering I consider, (in addition to sum filtering), is utilizing (Low/High Ratio Filtering). This is a total, "stab in the dark", but sometimes gets me down to an affordable amount I am comfortable in wagering.

And for me, my bet wagering is as simple as that!

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