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Ebola In My Neighborhood


Last Edited: January 30, 2015, 6:58 am

Quite a scary thought,isn't it? Imagine my surprise when clicking on Yahoo and seeing a neighborhood hospital as front page news. With the dreaded word "ebola" next to it. My first thought...do I know the person? I highly doubt it. People from all over go to Mercy Hospital. 

I went to the Catholic school about 1/2 a block away in my younger years. You can see the hospital from the playground. I have been in this emergency room they closed down yesterday to "scrub down". Once when my mother toppled down the porch onto her back when watering the bushes. Another time when my sister was admitted for a panic attack. 

When you read about these horrendous diseases you never think they will hit so close to home. But when they do all of sudden they are "real". The boogie man is really out there. I can't help wondering where this person may have been frequenting. The grocery stores I go to? The post office? Restaurants? WHO IS THIS PERSON? lol Chances are they aren't even from around here.

I found this out right after receiving some good news. My mother's mammogram came back negative. She had cancer several years ago but has been cancer free since. Up until a day ago. We THOUGHT. During her latest test "something" showed up. She got called in for a ultra sound yesterday so I was waiting on pins and needles. Thank the Lord she is fine. They are always overly cautious when she is tested. Which is good.

This "maybe" ebola patient has been taken to another hospital. But the waves of uncertainty still linger here. Until I see the test result I won't stop thinking about it.

2 health scares in one day,lol. Hope this isn't an indication of how this year is going to go!     

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hearsetraxComment by hearsetrax - January 30, 2015, 8:11 am
The boogie man is real to those who seek it's company

but sometimes you just gots to count your few and many blessings regardless of size

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