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Attorney General Nominee Says Illegal Immigrants Should Work GOP Will Confirm


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Comment by Lucky Loser - January 30, 2015, 2:12 pm
The simple fact that she supports immigrants being able to legally work here, like the President does, is way more than enough for Republicans to 'nay' her. Nothing else on her resume matters to them at all...her prosecution record, her fairness and abiding by law, or anything. Just her connection with Obama. That's it pitiful. Oh, but it's okay for the 'nayers' to have illegals working for them 'on the cool' for pennies and no paperwork involved. Yeah, that works. Then, when amnesty comes up so we can get them legal and paying taxes, they back out...because it's President- based policy. Granted, it's not an all win-win situation but, at least we get more taxes coming in than what goes out in terms credits and bonuses. See link:


Two important excerpts here:

(1) First, the nation's biggest income redistribution system is that of the federal income tax, not the welfare programs. The tax system — I think appropriately — is designed to augment the incomes of the working poor by two techniques: the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) and the Additional Child Tax Credit.

(2) Clearly pushing the newly legalized into the income tax system will produce some additional funds for the Treasury, probably into the tens of billions a year, but equally clearly the outflow to new EITC and child tax credit beneficiaries will be very substantial, particularly because of the characteristics of the illegal alien population.

So, it becomes a balancing act which the Republicans simply aren't willing to entertain to make things better due to following link:

(3) The second problem is that by pushing the newly legalized into the income tax system, we will, unwittingly, create millions of opportunities for more fraud, opportunities that would not exist if the currently illegal alien population simply does not have any contact with federal income taxes.

However, this final article shows exactly what type of fraud is being committed by illegals...AND WHY:


These people are doing these things SO THEY CAN WORK...NOT STEAL OR GET ON THE SYSTEM. Read the bullets and this study was done back in 2009. What about immigrants and voter fraud? Here's what Arizona found:


The very first statement. Finally, here's a very recent study that is also very telling about who get's to vote:


This article is more about these people SWINGING THE VOTE rather than BEING LEGAL TO VOTE and/or committing the CIVIL OFFENCE, NOT CRIMINAL of coming here illegally. Part of the reason Republicans want no part of amnesty is because if all these people were hands down legal voters, Republicans would have no chance in hell of winning an election...AND THIS IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN ANYTHINF ELSE TO THEM. You're welcome, America...glad to shed some light.

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