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Dead Food and Dead Vitamins.


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There can be as many opinions as there are people.

For example:


“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”



Is a human made vitamin the same as a plant made vitamin?

"They" say that it is, but some say that it is not, I myself say that it is not the same.

It might be best to take natural vitamins and not just vitamins alone by themselves, but concentrates of food(s) that are high in nutrients including vitamins, but that are not so high in calories and on fiber, they should be high in vitamins, minerals, enzymes and in other nutrients, now they sell those kinds of "vitamins" in both pill and in powder form and as I said, they don't just have vitamins and minerals in them, but also other nutrients.

Be aware that in many places now-days vegetables no longer have minerals as the soil in which they grew doesn't have minerals in it.


I got this from the Internet, but not all exactly as you read here:

Now our food comes out of cans, bags and bottles and is dead and mixed with poisons.

We are starving on dead food.

Dead food eaters might still be walking around but quite literally they’re dying inside.

Just like all the other processed dead foods sold in grocery stores — dead and devoid of any real phytonutrients, but loaded with cheap, dead ingredients like partially hydrogenated oils and sugars, Etc.

If we all could grow our own food, but many of us can't.

It is true that we will all die of something sooner or later no matter what, I know that if I know anything.

This is it on this, at least for right now.


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