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FINALLY: Obama Implicated In MAJOR Scandal And The GOP Says There's Proof


Last Edited: February 1, 2015, 9:01 pm

FINALLY: Obama Implicated In MAJOR Scandal And The GOP Says There’s Proof

Sunday, February 2015



I am on record right after the whole Benghazi scandal went public as saying that I believe Barack Obama will not see the end of his second term in office. On my personal Facebook profile, I had been ranting and raving throughout a whole series of posts spanning about a week, and as more new information became available on Benghazi, my cursing increased along with the large number of inappropriate comments. Finally after about 10 days, someone close to me convinced me it was time to remove politics from my personal profile page and start a totally separate site for that. That was when the Last Great Stand came into being. At the time, due to the sheer vulgarity of the posts, I was watching my number of friends drop by like 10 friends an hour it seemed. It was definitely time to stop posting on my personal profile. 

I ended up making the prediction Obama would not finish a second term right after it came out that 400 STINGER MISSILES WERE DISCOVERED TO BE “MISSING” AFTER BEING “SECRETLY” MOVED THROUGH OUR EMBASSY IN BENGHAZI. Why the HELL were 400 STINGER MISSILES BEING FUNNELED THROUGH OUR EMBASSY ANYWAY? Even though our media BARELY covered the story, they did gloss over it once or twice, and that was what pushed me over the edge to predict that if Obama hasn’t already fled the country like the total bitch that he is, then by the time his second term should be ending, he will be sitting in a prison cell awaiting trial for TREASON.

Keep in mind that news broke before the other 97 Obama scandals broke later on that year, so the overall mood in Washington D.C. was if you question Obama, you’re a racist. Take a look at the flip attitude Hillary had in the video below with Senator Paul over Benghazi. PAY PARTICULAR ATTENTION TO RAND PAUL ASKING HILLARY A VERY SPECIFIC QUESTION ABOUT MISSILES BEING FUNNELED THROUGH THE EMBASSY. 

Allow me to go on record here: When Hillary goes back before Trey Gowdy’s panel in the near future, she’s going to wish she had a take back on the drivel she offered in this clip about the missiles. Time will tell right? For a quick reminder of the times… 

I can’t say for absolute certain what is going to be the final blow that sinks the S.S. Obama, but I do stick by my statement he’s going down before he finishes his second term. Ironically enough, this article has nothing to do with Benghazi. This is all about Obama deciding to WEAPONIZE the I.R.S. to ensure his victory in 2012, because otherwise he would have lost the election. If you need to have details on that, there are plenty in the links at the bottom. I think two things should have made it PAINFULLY obvious LONG before now that Obama was the one orchestrating the whole I.R.S. thing… but it requires a “smidgen” of common sense… something all liberals lack. 

The first thing that should have given it away the I.R.S. scandal came right from Obama was when we learned OBAMA’S CHIEF COUNSEL WAS DIRECTLY INVOLVED WITH THE TARGETING! HELLO! You’d have to be a special kind of imbecile to think the Chief Counsel to the U.S. President sneezes without asking first, but there never is a shortage of imbeciles in the liberal ranks are there? Uh, DUH! Of course it was Obama, but there was never a smoking gun. The other event that should have had people working on an investigation much more thoroughly before now, was when OBAMA HIRED A TOP NOTCH CRIMINAL DEFENSE LAWYER. 

To a liberal: He was still the Messiah then. Facts weren’t about to get in the way of their plains. 

Obama Ship

Remember when Barack Obama said in an interview that there wasn’t “even a smidgen of corruption” within the IRS? Turns out that may not be entirely true (go figure) as the GOP has begun poking serious holes in the story of Obama and his administration regarding IRS corruption.

The dots have been outlined for anyone to connect them when it comes to Obama’s flagrantly illegal use of the IRS on multiple fronts. Not only did Obama use the IRS during campaign season to shut down several Conservative organizations by delaying their tax-exempt status, now the IRS is being accused of willingly handing over private taxpayer information at his request.

Lucky for Americans, we may just get some answers as the new GOP majority in the House has led to the investigation heating up once again and Obama being put in the hot seat. As reported by the Washington Times, an email has been sent to Obama demanding all communications between his administration and the IRS since 2010.

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Comment by GASMETERGUY - February 2, 2015, 8:48 pm
As much as I would like to see a drastic change in policy ( as with someone other than Obama calling the shots) I do not think these 400 missiles are going the empower the Republicans to the extent of impeachment.

If Obama's total rearrangement of our immigration laws to suit himself hasn't moved the Republicans to impeach, nothing will; not even 400 missing missles.

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