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Trump Rips MSM for Digging into Scott Walker's College Years but Not Obama's


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Comment by Lucky Loser - February 13, 2015, 12:26 pm
Well, for one, Obama has already discussed his college years OPENLY and even disclosed his use of Mary Jane...and maybe even experimented with other things. This is what I believe they're looking for in Scott Walker...they wanna see if he's quite the hypocrite they already believe he is. Jeb Bush tried to pull a fast one, in this regard, and ended being the same hypocrite on marijuana use and putting folks in jail for using it. I'm surprised Trump didn't start in on the whole birth certificate deal...sigh.

FactCheck always get's straight to the meat of everything for people truly interested in doing their diligence and knowing the TRUTH. As such, here's a link on all things Obama and his policies among other things:


Contrary to huge popular belief, Obamacare hasn't hurt doctors, nurses, registrars, or any of them at all. Rather, they're all very, very busy under this Act and it has created more jobs and work in the medical field. We can take a look at Scott Walker's record on Obamacare in the following link and see just what he did about it. The excerpt shows where Walker chose to spend WAY MORE OF THE STATE'S MONEY and made his residents spend MORE MONEY ON THE SAME HEALTH CARE:


Excerpt: The catch is, Wisconsin could have opted to expand the Medicaid program through the Affordable Care Act at a lower cost to the state – roughly $100 million lower in the first two years – and a lower cost to many of the people who are losing their coverage under BadgerCare Plus.

I maintain that Republicans either know nothing about math or would just simply rather spend whatever it takes to avoid working with a valid Democratic strategy at a lower cost to everyone. It's ridiculous and it's also why Scott Walker isn't gonna have it as easy as some may think. These issues will rise and his ability to crunch better numbers that the Democrats is in jeopardy...serious jeopardy.

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