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First African-American Woman the New General of MD Nat Guard


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Comment by Lucky Loser - February 27, 2015, 10:28 pm
GREAT!!! Now, Major General Singh, please address CajunWin4's senseless indirect rant. All these people do is post stuff, verbatim, from other sites, THEY CANNOT SPEAK OR EVEN WRITE FOR THEMSELVES. I CAN, America. This, especially considering the FACT that despite the economy's recovery, we still CANNOT AFFORD TO SPEND BILLIONS OF DOLLARS entertaining the 'special interests' of suppliers right now. All these gung ho folks still haven't learned a lesson from the Iraq War which we're STILL RECOVERING FROM. For what it's worth, I have some resolve for boots on the ground but, IT NEEDS TO BE THOSE PEOPLE'S BOOTS ON THE GROUND AND NOT OURS!!!! WE CAN SUPPORT AS NEEDED BUT, LET THEM DO ALL THE HEAVY LIFTING FOR A CHANGE!!!! America, I know you agree with ME...I just know it. The consensus shows it unlike the stupid folks here that just want to see us in yet another war when we're STILL TRYING TO CARE OF OUR TROOPS THAT ARE CONTEMPLATING SUICIDE EVERDAY, AMERICA!!!

Why is it that people cannot THINK, America? Why is it that folks cannot use their heads and consider the people doing all the fighting for a change...even though it may be their job? So many Republicans are simply inconsiderate of what's already happened, AND, THE SUICIDE RATE WITHIN OUR OWN TROOPS. These people come here to LP and post such BS and nonsense because THEIR OWN KIDS AREN'T INVOLVED AND DON'T RISK THEIR HEADS BEING HACKED OFF WITH A DULL KNIFE. WOW! Sure, I'm well aware that FREEDOM ISN'T FREE BUT, THIS ISN'T OUR WAR, FOLKS. LET THOSE PEOPLE IN THE MIDDLE EAST PUT THEIR SOLDIERS ON THE FRONT LINE THIS TIME.

On another note, at least no one is REJECTING HER like the (R's) did with Loretta Lynch after commending her on her record and job performance. Those Republicans will stab you in the back every time and then GOUGE YOUR EYES OUT SO YOU WON'T KNOW WHO DID IT.

LiLSpeedyComment by LiLSpeedy - February 28, 2015, 12:13 am
No one reads CanjunWin4 illogical posts. I know I don't because it's gibberish. He's a conspiracy theory junkie. SAD. He's so gullible.

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