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Norway Just Deported 824 Muslims, Every American Needs To See What Happened Next ... includes (The S


Norway Just Deported 824 Muslims, Every American Needs To See What Happened Next … includes (The STAND)

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Norway recently made the controversial decision to deport a large amount of Muslims with ties to radical groups.


Despite all the liberals in Norway deeming this “racist”, the logical party went ahead with it and the result almost shut down every opposing voice in the government instantly. This is one of the best stories we have eve seen come from such a liberal area of the world.

Violent Crime Dropped By 30%


That’s right, whopping 30%, and it’s all because a couple of politicians decided to enforce the laws that they already had. What a world we live in where that is a shocking thing to do in a government.

Norwegian authority claims that 824 people were deported in October, for such a small country, that’s a record breaking number. The authorities attributed the change to “portfolio priorities” which have essentially made it easier to deport people back to Nigeria & Afghanistan.


While most Americans and Europeans would call this unfair to target a certain race or religion, we tend to lean on the side that does anything possible to stop evil from creeping in our backyards.




Ovomit and the heffers would like to remind you At This Time …We won’t win this War on Terror by killing the enemy . Do not offend their gentle sensibilities As they are easily offended thin skinned, thick skulled Child raping muslim scum and deserve every opportunity to Come to Our Shores in peace and kumbaya ….. ohhh hell never mind- GO. KILL EAT.


Saudi Arabia: Beheading Bible Smugglers?


As is—or should be—well known by now, wherever Islam has sway, the advertisement of any other faith or creed becomes forbidden, for fear of “completion.”  Accordingly, reports indicate that close U.S. friend-and-ally Saudi Arabia—the birthplace of Islam where not one single church is allowed to exist—has now decreed the death penalty for anyone caught trying to smuggle Bibles or any other “publications that have prejudice to any other religious belief other than Islam.” The Christian Post reports:

The Saudi Arabian government has reportedly passed a law that imposes the death penalty on people caught smuggling Bibles into the majority-Muslim country


more here ..




And Obama is bring hundreds of thousands of muslims to America- Where the Bible is already under assault by the dhimmicrats, monkeys and Homo’s. America Do We really need more God hater’s, Islam devil worshippers in America? – NO! Deport the sharia whiners out of the USA to the muslim country of their choice.


Have you seen this Video of mine -https://vimeo.com/69865940
(From my facebook ) someone reported the former post as offensive well- if beheaded children offend you- get off my friend list-because instead of getting offended it should make you want to protect and defend the children from this… then you certainly have NO FREAKING BUSINESS as my friend anyway please delete yourself- coward.



Forever Living to Set you Free. From your life of misery. USMC



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