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Power of Luckey Solaris


Last Edited: March 3, 2015, 10:05 am

The Powerball continues to rise again towards 100+G.


"Help a man to grow his own" 

Lottery Winning consistent this week. We played Florida and Big Games and won in each game played.

We define the RELATIVE and ABSOLUTE players, combined and summed up these participants, and exact placements. The keys to win are playing enough ticket combinations, using five or six keys depending on the game, using most common or most acute points. This method is being developed for very important reasons. Please be clear, aware, and understand. 


The real goal is to create winners with altruistic values. Who needs a million when we own our own world? The large view is about freedom and sharing, and then you can have and do anything, anytime, and not have to be overtly controlled by business, or money. Secondly we recognize that having money is not freedom, or love. The true value is far beyond this, and our limited views. We are destroying our natural environment, and the children will be the ones to experience this failing. 

"Whosever  posseseth the world and lose his soul, has nothing"

The sharp view is to be real, share the real opportunity, universal living, and survival that is produced by the right attitude, which is not possessive. We may need money in today's world, but real money is true value, mobility, and actuality. Having 100 million or 1 million is like thinking we need 10 Rolls Royce instead of 1 rolls or a good car of any style available for our use whenever we need it. But having access to 100 million for direct purposes is a lot better than having 100 million sitting in a bank account which is money really owned by the bank. 

We show choice lists on FORUM Powerball Mega 100+ and Florida 2015.

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