Holder Admits 'Hands Up, Don't Shoot' Claim Was Bogus


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Avatar CARBOB -
I can assure you, there will be no comments from the trolls.
Avatar LiLSpeedy -
You just lied troll.
Avatar CARBOB -
You knew it was bogus, to start with, didn't you? Just some more dumb-a$$ "Ghetto", gestures. Where is your, "I can't breathe sign?"
Avatar MADDOG10 -
@ CARBOB, You ought to know by now, they can't see the truth let alone own up to it.
Not to worry, buttercup LL will be along shortly to spread his manure to justify why holder LIED...   
Avatar Lucky Loser -
As usual, and, as EVERYONE WITH SENSE HERE AS LP KNOWS ME, I WILL NOT CONTEND WITH TRUTH. First of all, MADDOG you frequent dumba$$, it was the DOJ that conducted the investigation and found all the wrong-doing, okay. Eric Holder simply charged them to do it and see if what all those citizens had been complaining about for so long had any merit AND COULD BE VERIFIED, VALIDATED, DOCUMENTED, AND SUBSTANTIATED BEYOND A SHADOW OF A DOUBT. IT WAS...AND WITH "FLYING COLORS">>>MUCH PUN INTENDED YOU SORRY PLUCKERS. Yes, I was concerned about the conflicting stories and initially went along with what I believed based on the injuries and how the boy was shot.

Anyone in their right mind would consider foul play when a shot in the top of one's head is sustained and wounds towards the back of the arm. Strange things can happen in a struggle, though, as this turns out and I take ABSOLUTELY no issue with it...I'm MAN ENOUGH TO ADMIT WHEN I'M WRONG IN FRONT OF EVERYONE. It's rare, though, 'cause I'm right 99.5% of the time which you and your puppy pack know by now. What I find very, very interesting is that I just finished talking about how you Extremist Republicans are HIGHLY PRONE TO FLIP-FLOPPING WHEN IT EITHER FITS, OR, DOESN'T FIT YOUR AGENDA(S) in another post I made today. This case is the EPITOME OF THAT YOU AS YOU ALL ARE WITH ERIC HOLDER "NOW" ON THE 'HANDS UP' FINDINGS. FURTHERMORE, YOU ALL ARE THE ONE'S THAT HAVE CALLED ERIC HOLDER A "LIAR AND A RACE BAITER" ALL THIS TIME WHILE SPEEDY AND I HAVE ALWAYS SUPPORTED HIS ADMINISTRATIONS.

MADDOG, you're the main one that was 'spreading manure' about Eric Holder and the President Obama, REMEMBER? The rest of your SPADED SUCKERS JUST FOLLOWED ALONG...BLIND LEADING THE BLIND AND ON BORROWED TIME... UNTIL NOW. It finally caught up as I knew it would. Major question here. Why go along with Eric Holder 'NOW?' I mean, ISN'T HE THE SAME LIAR AND RACE BAITER THAT HE WAS WHEN HE FIRST WENT TO FERGUSON OUT OF CONCERN? ISN'T HE THE SAME GUY THAT GOT THE DOJ INVOLVED AND YOU FELT IT WAS NONE OF HIS BUSINESS...OR JESSE JACKSON'S?

CARBOB, your dumba$$ is in the same SINKING BOAT so you're going with it and THE CAPTAIN, too. You've called Holder a liar and race baiter, too. WHAT'S DIFFERENT NOW, DUMBA$$? Both of you have just as many holes in your head as the raggedy a$$ boat you're both sinking in. America, how's about we expose these guys a little more like we just did LottoDisadvantge with his lying a$$. They all went to make an attempt to destroy a banking chain THAT DID NOTHING WRONG TO THEM. I can believe it, though, America.

1) http://blogs.lotterypost.com/maddog10/2014/9/holders-doj-accidently-asked-republican-to-s.htm

(This next one is just purely for a$$ teasing purposes only...nothing to do with Holder.)
2) http://blogs.lotterypost.com/maddog10/2012/9/two-of-a-kind-dumb-and-dumber.htm


4) http://blogs.lotterypost.com/maddog10/2014/9/more-swiss-banks-give-eric-holder-one-finger.htm

5) http://blogs.lotterypost.com/maddog10/2014/8/holders-justice-dept-uses-bank-settlements-t.htm



(He he, LMBAO on this next one! Obama robbed Delphi? No, Mitt Romney did and I've already covered it.)


Okay, enough there...you get my point America. CARBOB, I have a slightly different file on you but, it's just as good. Keep it up, my traction just doubled.
Avatar LiLSpeedy -
Hey LL, I don't waste my time with antagonists. These people have made it their mission to oppose anyone that doesn't think or act like them. They are evil and do not see the error of their way. There is no individuality among them. They all agree about the same things whether it's right or wrong. When one hates, they all hate. When one lies, they justify it. They act like they are in a cult. But their cult is full of bigotry, racism, and perversion. SAD.
Avatar MADDOG10 -
You two are like two peas in a pod, black eyed peas at that. Wow, LL I appreciate your time to think my post are that important to review and comment on them, Thank you..!
There was NO MANURE spread about YoYomama and Holder, it was all truth just because the two of you mopeds don't agree and only because they're black shows your character as nothing else but RACIST, and quite truthfully I don't think there are too many members here who could care less of what either of you think. I've always said: " if you don't like a comment from someone, don't read it".
What a croc of Shiite, The DOJ was charged with finding out if all those people who were complaining, was the truth. Out of concern? what are you smoking duplex? If they were WHITE, that SOB and yoyomama both would have been on vacation. I call a SPADE a SPADE, and you two racially motivated and minded pukes are nothing else but. My voice isn't hatred either it's nothing but truth and you two cows can't handle it.
Yea LL you traction just doubled , your four wheeling all that manure around is causing you to see lights alright. Stop and check that WHITE spot on your forehead, it probably means you're a quart low. Try having your butt buddy help fill it back up. Come back when you can handle the truth. Oh, and bless your little ole hearts. Now both of you should know what that means. And it isn't Southern hospitality Don't you know.   
Avatar LiLSpeedy -
LL, we have these racists so confused until they think we stay near each other, when in reality we stay over 1000 miles apart. That is called unity my brother. When they start their perversion posts that is a sure sign of defeat, a lost of words, and all out surrender. SAD.

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