My 2 Travelling State Charts



 My First Travelling States Charts

Atlantic:  #1 Picks:CO-ME-OR / #2 Picks:FL-MN-SD
Arizona:    #1 Picks:IA-NJ-WV-NY/ #2 / Picks:CO-ME-OR-IN
California:  #1 Picks:KS-NM-WI / #2 Picks:CT-MD-PA-TRI
Colorado:  #1 Picks:AZ-KY-NY / #2 Picks:DE-MA-RI
Connecticut:  #1 Picks:IA-NJ-WV / #2 Picks:CO-ME-OR -WC-MA
DC:#1 Picks:  #1CT-MD-PA / #2 Picks:GA-MO-TX-OH
Delaware:  #1 Picks:CO-ME-OR / #2 Picks:FL-MN-SD-PA
Florida:# 1 Picks:DE-MA-OR / #2 Picks:ID-MT-VT-NJ-IL
Georgia:  #1 Picks:DC-MI-SC / #2 Picks:IL-NE-VA
Iowa:#1 Picks:IL-NE-VA -MO/ #2 Picks:AZ-KY-NY-WV-FL
Idaho:#1 Picks:FL-MN-SD / #2 Picks:IN-NH-WA
Illinois:#1 Picks:GA-MO-TX / #2 Picks:IA-NJ-WV-FL-NE
Indiana:#1 Picks:ID-MT-VT / #2 Picks:KS-NM-WI-VA
Kansas:#1 Picks:IN-NH-WA / #2 Picks:CA-LA-OH-ID
Kentucky:#1 Picks:IA-NJ-WV / #2 Picks:CO-ME-OR-IL
Louisiana:#1 Picks:KS-NM-WI / #2 Picks:CT-MD-PA-CA
Massachusetts:#1 Picks:CO-ME-OR / #2 Picks:FL-MN-SD
Maryland:#1 Picks:CA-LA-OH / #2 Picks:DC-MI-SC-MN-ON
Michigan:#1 Picks:CT-MD-PA / #2 Picks:GA-MO-TX-SC
Minnesota:#1 Picks:DE-MA-RI / #2 Picks:ID-MT-VT
Missouri:#1 Picks:DC-MI-SC / #2 Picks:IL-NE-VA-TRI
Nebraska:#1 Picks:GA-MO-TX / #2 Picks:IA-NJ-WV
New Jersey:#1 Picks:IL-NE-VA / #2 Picks:AZ-KY-NY-WI
New Mexico:#1 Picks:IN-NH-WA-GA / #2 Picks:CA-LA-OH-CT
New York:#1 Picks:IA-NJ-WV / #2 Picks:CO-ME-OR
Ohio:#1 Picks:KS-NM-WI / #2 Picks:CT-MD-PA-NY
Oregon:#1 Picks:AZ-KY-NY / #2 Picks:DE-MA-RI-FL
Ontario:#1 Picks:KS-OH-WI / #2 Picks:CO-MD-QB
Pennsylvania:#1 Picks:CA-LA-OH / #2 Picks:DC-MI-SC-WV
Quebec:#1 Picks:AZ-LA-ON / #2 Picks:DE-MI-SC-MO
Rhode Island:#1 Picks:CO-ME-OR / #2 Picks:FL-MN-SD
South Carolina:#1 Picks:CT-MD-PA / #2 Picks:GA-MO-TX-BC
Tri State:#1 Picks:FL-MN-SD-LA-KY-IA/ #2 Picks:IN-NH-WA-KS-ON
Texas:#1 Picks:DC-MI-SC-KY / #2 Picks:IL-NE-VA-QB
Virginia:#1 Picks:GA-MO-TX / #2 Picks:IA-NJ-WV-MI
Washington:#1 Picks:ID-MT-VT / #2 Picks:KS-NM-WI-DC
Western Canada:#1 Picks:ID-NH-VA / #2 Picks:KS-OH-WI
West Virginia:#1 Picks:IL-NE-VA / #2 Picks:AZ-KY-NY
Wisconsin:#1 Picks:IN-NH-WA / #2 Picks:CA-LA-OH

My Last Travelling  States Charts

Evening Pick-4
OH Brings CT
ORE & TRI Brings DC
IN Brings GA
MD & NJ & ORE & KY & WI & IN Brings ILL
PR & IL Brings IN
ILL & MD & NJ & ORE & WI Brings KY
IN Brings MD
WI & MO Brings MI
ORE & TRI & WV Brings MO
QC & KY Brings NJ
TRI Brings NM
RI Brings NY
NY Brings OH
MI & WI & OH Brings ORE
MI Brings QC
WI Brings RI
NM Brings TRI
MI Brings WI
MI Brings MASS
PA Brings PR

Midday Pick-3
IN Brings CA
MD & CT Brings DE
PA & NY Brings DCMI & TRI & MD & CT & DE Brings ILL
OH Brings MD
TRI Brings MI
MI & SC Brings OH
TX Brings SCCT & MI Brings GA
Midday Pick-4
DC Brings DE
NJ & TRI & VA Brings KY
ILL & DE Brings MO
IN & VA Brings NJ
OH & TRI & VA Brings SC
GA Brings TRI
TRI Brings VA

Evening Pick-3
KS & MN Brings AZ
MO Brings BS
DC Brings CA
OH & VA Brings CT
LA & ON Brings DE
ILL & CT Brings FL
OH & NY Brings GA
OH Brings IO
SC & FL & LA Brings ILL
MI & MD Brings IN
IO & IN Brings KS
KS Brings KY
ILL & SC Brings LA
TRI Brings MD
IO Brings MI
IO & TN & TX Brings MO
VA Brings NJ
ILL & KY & WC Brings NM
DE & OH Brings NY
NY & IO & MI & NJ & NM & WA Brings OH
NM Brings PA
CA & CT Brings PR
IO & MI & NJ & NM Brings QC
WC & KY & GA Brings SC
VA & ON & WV Brings TN
ILL & KY & WC Brings TX
ON & LA & BS Brings TRI
SC & GA & OH Brings VA
IO & OH & MI & NJ & NM Brings WA
ON & TN & VA Brings WV
KS Brings WC

(Traveling State Rules)
1.The first star and the second star is the number that come within(in

the same state) 7days. 

2.The third star is the number will traveler to another state within

7days.  0189-0188-*0190-0549-0548-*0550-*(3)1149-*9149-*0150-**0182
3.The fourth star is the number that comes from another traveling

state to this within 7days. 

4.The Forth star is the number that sure it will come within 7days. 

5.The Double star is the number that will come within 14days. 

6.Don't forget to flip my 9's & 6's
7. Quick Lottery Convertions
0=1,5,9    1=0,6,9          2=4,7    3=6,8
4=7,8,9      5=0,7    6=1,3,9  7=2,5
8=3,4    9=0,1,4

I will update them to the present day soon!!

( I made the 1st one in 2001 & the last one in 2004)

Good Luck!!


Entry #74


Avatar ducksafloat -
hi Adolf,
i hope that i have not offended you in anyway for re-posting your traveling state chart. i am sorry that i neglected to put you in the begining of my post as the aurthor of the list that i do have. i meant no harm i am only trying to share information and gather information. i am sorry that i did not put your name first. i thought it was yours, but at first i couldn't remember, then i remembered. again i meant no harm and i am sorry.
Avatar adolf -
Hi Ducksafloat,
No you didn't offend me..I needed to update these two travelling state charts anyway..with the new states..#1 is the primary states & #2 is the secondary states..also add pick-4 midday to the list..

Good Luck!!
Avatar ducksafloat -
thank you adolf, i posted your list also in the lottery system section, it did have a small section for the p4's mid., i hadn't seen the first list before, only the last one that you did.

as far as secondaries, i have been running them down. i have used your last chart posted as a foundation to begin creations of a secondary list, it has been working quite well, but is a work in progress. i hope to see your new list when you have completed it.

thank you and BOL 2 u.

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