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School Superintendent Defends Bible Verse Quotes During Morning Announcements


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Comment by Lucky Loser - March 12, 2015, 2:38 pm
Yep, that's what I'm talkin' about...DEFENDING THE BIBLE. I'm sure he could've lots of things if he really, really wanted to but he simply chose to stand on what he knows to be true and reliable...THE GOOD BOOK. Oh, I can just hear it now and imagine what the PM conversations have read. Let's look at a VERY PROBABLE EXAMPLE, shall we?

Idiot A: " Lucky's such a 'bible thumper' but he's okay with killing babies...all these abortions."

Idiot B: " Yeah, he goes around judging people and posting scriptures that don't apply to him, too Lol!!"

Idiot C: "Man, I hate this effen azzhole!!!! All he does is go around digging through people's blogs and posting up old stuff that doesn't even matter. Nobody even cares about what this azzhole is talking about!!!"

Idiot D: "He calls us racist and all he does is talk about white people when he posts lol!!!! If blacks are so good then why are they always in the news, Lucky? Can't handle the TRUTH that's why!!!"

So forth and so on, America. In the end, just do your search diligence and you'll see just who's racist and neither knows nor cares anything about what's actually proper conduct according to the Bible. For your positive reading pleasure:


These scriptures bring at least THREE people immediately to mind: MADDOG, SULLY16, and LOTTO (DIS)ADVANTAGE. The whole thing about the President supporting Muslims in a negative way against Americans, and, the McMillan Mfg. vs. Bank of America complete lie that the other two were more than willing to spread "to as many people as I can." Just wow.

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