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the rusty nail


The Rusty Nail and playing the Lottery

A true story.

It happened to me exactly as described last evening while cleaning out a storage shed on my parent’s farm here in Wisconsin.

What does a story about a rusty nail have to do with the lottery? You shall see.

I was cleaning up some old building materials stored at the end of a pole shed and the light was getting dim as it was after sunset. There is no electricity in this very remote building so it was getting difficult to see.

As I was about to finish for the evening, I accidentally stepped on a board in the corner of the building with an upright rusty nail on it. The nail went all the way through my shoe and “exactly between my toes” not even scratching my skin. I quickly took off my shoe and could see rust stains on the inside of my first two toes on my right foot. Stains from the rusty nail passing by, but no injury. No tetanus danger at all.

What are the odds of stepping on a rusty nail in near darkness and having it poke all the way to the top inside of my shoe, yet passing between my toes without a scratch to my foot. The odds against this happening are astronomical. But it did. A couple of millimeters either way and I would have been at the emergency room.

I could never repeat this again. Never. I could try for 100 years and never again step on a nail in near darkness without injury.

If I could be this lucky avoiding injury while stepping on a nail ... I could also be just as lucky someday getting the right quick pick numbers.

So could you!  good luck to all

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