Lottery Combinations Generator

Lottery Combinations Generator calculates all of the possible combinations of lottery numbers, given the parameters of the lottery game specified.

This page calculates all of the combinations using your computer, not our web server, so the possibility and success of using this page is entirely dependent upon the performance of your computer, and the operating system and web browser you are using.

Please read the Introduction first for more details.

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Just about any web browser will create small- to medium-sized sets of combinations just fine.  But the larger you set the "Numbers in Set" or "Maximum Number", the more important your particular computer, operating system, and browser will be in order to successfully generate the combinations.

To see how your browser and computer performs, try clicking the Generate Combinations button first without changing any of the default parameters.  Check the processing time statistic, and then see what it becomes when you increase the Maximum number a bit.

New and improved to support huge sets

Our first version of Lottery Combinations Generator always displayed the generated combinations on the screen, which made generating sets containing several million combinations almost impossible.  The web browser would run out of memory long before all the combinations could be displayed.

Now, if you generate a large set of combinations (greater than 100,000 combinations) a Download button appears, which downloads all the generated combinations in a text file, rather than trying to display them all on the screen.  This enables you to generate much bigger sets without running out of memory.

Unfortunately, Internet Explorer does not support the download button, so we do not support Internet Explorer on this page.

What can I do to make this page work better?

The #1 best thing you can do to make this page work at its best is to use a desktop computer (or laptop) with Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, or Firefox. All of these modern web browsers can handle millions of combinations in less than a minute.

Aside from using a better browser, another feature you can use for really big number sets is skipping combinations — setting the "Sample Frequency" to a number greater than 1 will help speed things up.

If you have an old and/or slow computer or if you use an old web browser that you haven't updated for a while, you may need to force-quit your browser if you ask for too many number combinations.  You may also see warning messages asking if you want to stop the script running.  If you click "Yes" to such a warning, the combinations will not be displayed.

What about using this on a phone?

For small sets of combinations, this tool will work just fine on a smartphone. But if you're trying to do anything serious, such as a set of 6/49 combinations, don't bother even trying on a phone.

Phones just don't have the memory capacity to handle the millions of combinations generated, and as a result the browser will crash on the phone when trying to produce large sets of numbers. Tablets such as iPads will generally not do too well either.

Overall, you should just use the Lottery Combinations Generator on a computer for any large number sets, but most devices can handle smaller sets.

Are the timing statistics accurate?

After you generate a list of combinations, the page will display statistics about how long it took to calculate the combinations, and how long it took to load the combinations into the page for you to see.

Those statistics are fairly accurate, but the one thing we cannot take into account is a certain delay you may experience while your browser re-calculates its "knowledge" of the page contents and then makes the page responsive to your input and navigation.

For example, in some browsers there will be a delay before displaying a very large set of combinations (after you see the progress reach 100%).  That extra time is not accounted for in the statistics, because the delay is not related to our program — it is entirely within the browser itself.  It is caused by the browser needing to shift large amounts of memory within your computer, so the amount of time it takes is also impacted by the speed of your computer.

Enter Parameters for Combinations

The quantity of numbers in one set ("ticket").  For a Pick 3 game, you would enter 3 for this parameter.

The lowest number in the range of available numbers.  For a Pick 3 game, you would enter 0 for this parameter.  For a Pick 5 game, it would typically be 1.

The largest number in the range of available numbers.  For a Pick 3 game, you would enter 9 for this parameter.

Change this to a number greater than 1 if you wish to see only every "n" combinations.  Combination #1 will always be the first one shown.  For example, setting this value to 3 will give you every 3rd combination in the results, so you will get combination 1, 4, 7, 10, and so on.

Check this box if you want the output displayed in a scrolling box, or leave it un-checked to display the output as a long list. (Un-checked will normally take less time to output.)

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