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Leaving Lottery Post for a Long Time (or Permanently)

We are sometimes asked about "closing an account" when someone is not planning on returning to Lottery Post for a long time, or ever.

There is a procedure to follow, but first a few words about your Lottery Post account.

Lottery Post contains a historical record of topics and discussions over the course of many years.  During that time, some people have signed up and will continue to be active members for as long as their lottery intrigue is maintained, while other people have come and gone. 

Lottery Post maintains a historical record of both types of people, not just the ones who stay active.

For those concerned that they have "loose ends" by allowing a Lottery Post membership to be active, we will outline some ways to ensure that you can successfully leave Lottery Post behind, while still allowing us to maintain an accurate historical record.

Once you have finished the following steps, the only remaining public evidence of your one-time existance at Lottery Post will be:

  • Your Username
  • Any posts that you have made in the forums
  • Any blog entries you have made
  • Any predictions you have posted on the predictions board
  • Any comments you have posted in online chat sessions (currently held Sunday evenings)

So, on with the steps to make your account "dormant".  It may be easiest and most fool-proof to print this topic and then check-off each task as you accomplish it.

  1. Go to My Subscriptions in the Members menu, and delete all of your subscriptions. This is will ensure you don't receive e-mails from subscribed topics.
  2. Go to My Favorites in the Members menu, and click the delete symbol next to each of your Favorites to delete each one.  If you feel it would take too long to delete them all, alternatively you can change each Favorite Type to "not shared".
  3. Click Private Inbox, and delete all of your private messages.  If you previously created private folders, you can delete those also.
  4. Go to Sent Items in the Private Inbox menu, and delete all of your sent items.  (Premium members only.)
  5. Click Options on the menu bar, delete the contents of your Personal Note Pad, then click Save Note Pad.
  6. Go to Edit Your Profile in the Options menu, and delete all of the information there (except Country, which is required), and the click Update Profile.
  7. Go to Edit Signature in the Options menu, delete your signature, then click Save Signature.
  8. Go to E-mail Settings in the Options menu, and UN-check the options for "Send a confirmation e-mail when I receive a new private message" and "E-mail me when someone posts a comment on one of my Blog entries".
  9. Click Log Off in the Members menu.

After completing these steps, your account will be "dormant".

Please keep in mind that it is possible that someday Lottery Post will not be so concerned with maintaining things like old dormant Usernames, so perhaps one day your dormant account may be reclaimed.  But the information above is accurate current policy information.