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What is the Clipboard?

In many places around Lottery Post you'll see instructions or features that "copy something to the Clipboard".  This help topic describes what the "Clipboard" is.

The "Clipboard" is not something you actually see on the computer — it is something you use.

The Clipboard is an area in your computer's memory (inside your computer) set aside to temporarily hold data/content/information so you can transfer it from one place or program to another.

You never "see" the Clipboard, which is one of the reasons why some people have a hard time understanding what it is.

The reason the Clipboard exists is to make it easy to exchange data between programs.  Without a Clipboard, the only way to exchange data between programs would be to save the data to a file, and the load the file in the other program.  Such a process would not even be possible if you want to transfer data between web pages.

So instead of saving the data to a file, you're saving it to an area of computer memory (called the "Clipboard"), and then loading it from that area of memory into another page or program.

  • When you save  something to the Clipboard (the memory location in your PC), that's called Copy or Cut.
  • When you load something from the Clipboard, that's called Paste.


You have used the Lucky's Followers System to generate a list of 30 numbers for Georgia Pick 3.  You want to put those 30 numbers into the Deflate 3 tool without having to print out the page and then manually type each number into the Deflate tool.

So how do you do it?

You'll notice that on the final page of the Lucky's Followers System, the Full Set of 30 Followers has a Copy to Clipboard button underneath the numbers.  So you click the button, and you'll see the following message displayed:

The Full Set of 30 Followers has been copied to the clipboard, ready to paste into another page or application.

You click the OK button, and the message goes away.  Now what?

  • Go to the Deflate 3 system page by clicking Deflate 3 Number Set Reduction in the Systems menu.
  • With your mouse, click once anywhere inside the white Numbers to Deflate box to place the blinking cursor in it.
  • Press Ctrl+V on your keyboard, which is the keyboard command for Paste.  (You could also right-click your mouse anywhere inside the white Numbers To Deflate box and select Paste from the menu that appears.)
  • Voila!  The list of 30 numbers appears instantly in the box, just as if you had typed them yourself.

Use the Keyboard

Try to get in the habit of using the keyboard to do copy/cut/paste commands.  That's because they are "universal" keyboard commands that work in just about every application on your computer.  In fact, the Apple computers use essentially the same keyboard commands as Windows PCs.

The keyboard commands are:

  • Ctrl+C - Copy:  Whatever is currently highlighted on your page or application is copied to the Clipboard.  That means that a copy of the content is placed on the Clipboard, and the original highlighted content remains unchanged.
  • Ctrl+X - Cut:  Whatever is currently highlighted on your page or application is removed from the page or application, and is placed onto the Clipboard.  You can use Cut when you want to move something from one page or application to another, instead of just copying it.
  • Ctrl+V - Paste:  Whatever is currently on the Clipboard will be copied to wherever the cursor is currently blinking.  Doing a Paste will not erase or change the Clipboard, so you can Paste the same content again and again if you wish.  The Clipboard will only be changed by another Copy or Cut command.