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Logging in and logging off

Log In

"Logging in" is a way for the Lottery Post Web site to authenticate your member credentials (your Username and Password).  After Lottery Post verifies that you have entered the correct Password corresponding to your Username, it allows you to post messages to the forums and provdes access to all the other Web site features that your membership should have access to.

If you see "Welcome Guest" at the top-left of the page, that means you are not logged in.  Click the Log In link that appears directly below "Welcome Guest", or you can select Log In from the Options menu.

On the Log In page, first enter the Username you created when you first registered for a Lottery Post membership, and then enter your password.  (Your password will appear as dots or stars so that other people situated nearby cannot read your password from the computer screen.)

If you can't remember either your Username or password, click the handy "Forgot your [Username/Password]?" link directly to the right of the entry space.  That feature will send a reminder e-mail to the e-mail address that was provided during registration.

Then, you'll notice that you have two options, determining the information that will be saved when you close your Web browser:

  • Remember me:  Saves your Lottery Post member name in a "cookie" (small hidden text file) on your PC.  If selected, Lottery Post will automatically enter your member name in the Username space the next time you visit the page.  It is a helpful convenience that normally can remain selected.  (See "Security tip " below.)
  • Stay logged in between browser restarts:  Saves information to a cookie on your PC, so that if you close your Web browser, you will stay logged in.  If you do not select this option, you will have to Log In every time you re-open your Web browser.  Note: this option does NOT save your password in the cookie, or anywhere else on your computer, so selecting this option does NOT expose your password in any way.

Security tip:  If you are using a computer that will be used by other people who you do not want to have access to your Lottery Post account, be sure to un-select the option for Stay logged in between browser restarts when you log in.  Also, you may want to un-select the Remember me option if you do not want the other users of the computer to know your Lottery Post member name.

Log Off

"Logging off" is the opposite of logging in.  It forces Lottery Post to "forget" who you are, and erases the information saved in the cookie on your computer.

Note:  if you selected the "Remember me" option when you logged in, your Username will remain intact in the cookie, even after you log off.  However, logging off overrides the "Stay logged in between browser restarts" option, and you will not be logged in automatically the next time the browser is re-opened.

Logging off is accomplished with a single click of the mouse:  either click Log Off directly below "Welcome <your Username>" at the top of the page, or select Log Off in the Options menu.

After you click Log Off, you will immediately be identified as a "Guest", and none of your member features will be available.

Most people who access Lottery Post from a home computer will never need to log off, but users on shared computers should always log off after they're finished.

Additional Information

So far we've covered the basics of Log In and Log Off.

However, there is additional information you may want to become familar with, particularly if you use more than one computer, or if you find that you don't understand the way Lottery Post behaves regarding your membership availability.

The additional information can be found in the Help topic, Understanding Log In / Log Off.