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Recovering lost or forgotten passwords

Security is an important feature on Lottery Post, and to that end, we do not respond to e-mails requesting passwords.  In fact, Lottery Post does not even have access to your password, even if we wanted to send it to you.

When you create your password at Lottery Post, our system does not store the actual password in our system.  Instead, it performs a complex calculation on the password text, and stores the result of that calculation in our database.  The reason it does that is in the very slim chance that our database was ever hacked, the hackers would not gain access to any passwords.  They would just have useless calculation results.

Therefore, the only way to recover your account if you have forgotten your password is to reset your password.  There is no way to retrieve it, since we do not store your password.

To reset your password, simply use the Forgot your password? link on the Log In page.

Our system steps you through the process of resetting your password, and it usually takes just a minute or two to complete.

The process starts by sending you an e-mail to the e-mail address your Lottery Post account is regsitered under, so if you have both forgotten your password and no longer have access to your e-mail account, there is no way to regain access to your account.  (This is why we stress the importance of keeping the e-mail address on your account up-to-date.)