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Changing your profile

Your Profile contains information about yourself, and controls how Lottery Post works for you and how your messages are posted.  The only information in your profile that you are unable to change is your Username.

You can edit your profile by clicking Edit Profile in the Options menu near the top of most pages.  If you are satisfied with whatever changes you have made to your profile, click the Update Profile button at the bottom of the page to save your changes.

In the Edit Profile page you can change a number of things, including:

  • Your birthdate (with optional year)
  • Your gender
  • Your home page URL (hobby/personal page only — no money-making Web sites)
  • Personalized title (premium members only)
  • ICQ/AOL/Yahoo/MSN identities
  • Your home country
  • Your state/province/jurisdiction
  • Your occupation
  • Your interests

All of the above information about you is optional, with the exception of home country.  Entering the information will make your time at Lottery Post a much richer experience, and will allow others to get to know you better, but you are free to leave the information blank if you wish.


You may change your password as many times as you wish.  To do so, click Change Password in the Options menu.

Enter your current password in the first box (which prevents someone else from changing your password if you accidentally left your browser logged in to Lottery Post and then left the computer). 

Then enter your new password two times:  once in each of the provided entry spaces.  Because we mask the characters you enter so that onlookers cannot see what you're typing, entering the password twice minimizes the chances of a typing error that would lock you out of your membership.

The Change Password page is secured with 128-bit SSL encryption, so both your current password and new password is private, and unreadable to a hacker monitoring your Internet connection.


You may change your e-mail address at any time, but it is very important that you use a valid e-mail address.  When you change your e-mail address, your account is switched to Guest mode — unable to post — until you click the special link in the confirmation e-mail that is automatically sent to the new address.

Be sure to read and follow all instructions carefully throughout the process.  If you fail to follow the instructions you may lock yourself out of your account.

To change your e-mail address, click Change E-mail Address in the Options menu.

Note:  Lottery Post never reveals your e-mail address to anyone, on the Web site or through private communications.  Whatever you specify for e-mail address is confidential.


A signature is very similar to a signature you would configure in your e-mail software.

Your Lottery Post signature is attached to the foot of every message you post on the forums, unless you choose to uncheck the box that include the signature in the message you are posting.

To create a signature for the first time, or to edit your existing signaure, click Create/Edit Signature in the Options menu.

You are permitted up to 4,000 characters in your signature, and that limit includes all hidden formatting characters in the signature's HTML.  In addition, please see the Lottery Post Rules for other limitations on your signature.

Click the Preview button to popup a window which will show you what your signature will look like before saving it.