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Image Manager

Image Manager

Image Manager gives you the ability to upload, organize, view, and edit your own images.

Image Manager is perfect for people who would like to post images on the forums or in their blogs, but who don't have their own Web server to store them on.  Images must be stored on a Web server somewhere on the Internet in order to post them on the forums or blogs.  This is not a "Lottery Post rule" — it is the way the Internet works.

If you would like more information about how to post images at Lottery Post, there is a very informative topic in the Help forum: Posting an image in a forum message, blog entry, or for your avatar (opens in a new window)

Plus, because the images are stored right on the Lottery Post server, you never need to worry about the image being flagged as spam.

Any member can gain access to Image Manager by upgrading their membership to Gold or Platinum.  You can upgrade your membership, as well as view all the features and benefits of premium memberships, by visiting the Memberships page.

If you have any questions about Image Manager or gaining access to it, please contact us.