Lottery Drawings Report Card

Lottery Post ranks every lottery on the types of drawings used to draw the winning numbers for its games.  Lotteries with a higher proportion of games using traditional lottery ball machines receive higher rankings in this report card than those using computer random number generators.

Lottery Post is a proponent of true lottery drawings using player-visible drawing methods.  Even though states using computers claim that they are auditable and valid, Lottery Post believes the transparency and common sense approach of using mechanical drawing machines provides a more fun and confidence-inspiring experience for the lottery player, and therefore we recommend players seek out those games using real lottery drawing equipment.

If you want to help boost your state's rankings (or keep your state ranked high), we urge you to contact your government Lottery Director and government representatives, and let them know you don't want computerized lottery drawings.  Also, be sure to sign the Petition for True Lottery Drawings.

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