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The Moon, Right Now

The Moon, right now

About the image

The field in which the disk appears is oriented with north up and east to the left. These are directions on the celestial sphere: north is toward the north celestial pole of date, and east is parallel to the celestial equator of date, in the direction of increasing right ascension. Thus the orientation shown will not in general relate to the local horizon. That is, on the sky, "north" is usually not the same as "up".

Description of Lottery Post's Lunar Calendar

A lunar calendar tracks the Moon's phase, or visible portion, over a regular calendar month.

The Moon's phase is tracked from New Moon (when the Moon is completely invisible) to the next New Moon.  That period of time is approximately 29½ days.

Because the average calendar month is approximately 30½ days, the timing of the Moon's phases shifts by an average of about one day for each successive month.

If you compare Lottery Post's Lunar Calendar to other lunar calendars found on the Internet, you may see slight differences.  Lottery Post has made every attempt to use the most precise methods of calculation possible, and in comparison tests, has been shown to be more accurate than most lunar calendars on the web.  However, the fact that the lunar month does not align perfectly with the calendar month means that no lunar calendar in this format is ever perfect.