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Oklahoma looks to start lottery in October

Feb 9, 2005, 9:54 am

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Oklahoma LotteryOklahoma Lottery: Oklahoma looks to start lottery in October

Oklahoma State Finance Director Scott Meacham says he's confident a state lottery will be in operation on a limited basis this fall.

An October 1st starting date was projected when state officials estimated that the lottery would generate $62-million for the state during the fiscal year that begins July 1st. Meacham says he believes the lottery can begin "around October" by offering only the scratch off lottery tickets.

He says electronic lottery games will begin about six months later and "Powerball" games with big prizes tied to lotteries in other states would start about six months after that.

Proceeds from the lottery are to be used to support education in the state.


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2 comments. Last comment 15 years ago by DoctorEw220.
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United States
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June 5, 2002
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Posted: February 15, 2005, 3:43 pm - IP Logged

I have friends in Jenks, a suburb of Tulsa, that I plan to visit when it starts.

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    Yinzer Country, PA
    United States
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    Posted: February 17, 2005, 3:33 am - IP Logged

    they're going to do it like TN. they're going to start off with scratch-offs, then they will add online games, and dventually go multi-state.

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