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Buyer of 10 millionth N.D. lottery ticket to win $10,000

North Dakota LotteryNorth Dakota Lottery: Buyer of 10 millionth N.D. lottery ticket to win $10,000

North Dakotans can win $10,000 by buying a lottery ticket -- without even having a winning number.

The state lottery office says whoever buys the ten millionth ticket sold will win the ten-grand.

The promotion includes Powerball, Hot Lotto and Wild Card Two tickets.

Lottery officials say the date of the ten millionth ticket sale depends entirely on the pace at which lottery tickets sell.

Lottery Post Staff

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3 comments. Last comment 12 years ago by Rip Snorter.
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Tnplayer805's avatar - G 14_v78828750_Small.JPG
North Dakota
United States
Member #13397
April 5, 2005
1623 Posts
Posted: August 12, 2005, 2:53 pm - IP Logged

Sounds like a good promotion to me.  Guess when they get to $20 million they will give away $20,000.  And years down the road when they get to $100 million they'll give away $100,000.  Who knows?

How are you going to win if you don't play?

    United States
    Member #7853
    October 15, 2004
    11350 Posts
    Posted: August 12, 2005, 4:46 pm - IP Logged

    sounds like a good idea tnplayer.i wish tennessee would do something like that.

      New Mexico
      United States
      Member #12305
      March 10, 2005
      2984 Posts
      Posted: August 12, 2005, 9:15 pm - IP Logged

      Cool promotion.  If they did something of that sort in NM, maybe every 10k nth ticket sale hurls forth a hundred bucks to the purchaser it would be a big deal.  The thought of occasionally someone winning a few bucks from NM lottery would be a major incentive.

      New Mexicans typically just buy tickets because a legislator once said it's a voluntary tax on stupidity, and we're mostly scared not to pay our taxes.