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Kentucky Lottery's "666" numbers sell out

Jun 6, 2006, 6:02 pm

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Kentucky LotteryKentucky Lottery: Kentucky Lottery's "666" numbers sell out

The number sequence 6-6-6 is seldom associated with luck, but Kentucky lottery players appear optimistic.

Thousands of hopeful players quickly snatched up the 10,000 available Pick 3 tickets with the numbers 6-6-6 for today's midday drawing at 1:20 p.m., lottery spokesman Chip Polston said. The 10,000 available tickets for the 11 p.m. drawing were expected to be sold by early afternoon.

Pick 4 tickets with the numbers 6-6-0-6 — as many as 800 can be sold for both the midday and evening drawings — also were sold out.

Kentucky Lottery employees were not surprised by the numbers' popularity, Polston said.

"Triple numbers in a row will usually sell out during the span of a normal day," Polston said. "But this date adds importance, so more folks will want to play those numbers. We were expecting they would be gone quickly."

Winning combinations in both games are guaranteed money. The agency could give away as much as $3 million total to winners of the daily Pick 3 game and $2 million to Pick 4 winners.

The 6-6-6 winning combination was last picked on July 16, 2005, and has been drawn eight times in the history of the game.

Lottery players are frequently influenced by an important date. Players often look for significant numbers to use, Polston said. For example, many people choose 9-1-1 on anniversaries of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

The superstition is similar in lotteries around the country. When American Airlines Flight 587 crashed in Queens, N.Y., on Nov. 12, 2001, the New Jersey Lottery's Pick 3 draw was 5-7-8 in the morning and 5-8-7 for the drawing later that day.

Polston said he expects the trend to continue.

"For whatever reason, lottery players can be a superstitious bunch. If there is a significant date or odd combination, they'll choose those numbers."

Lottery Post Staff

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7 comments. Last comment 16 years ago by bellyache.
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Bradly_60's avatar - disney37
Atlantic Mine, Michigan
United States
Member #416
June 23, 2002
1614 Posts

This is kinda funny.  It would have been awesome to see this number hit today.

Michigan came really close in both drawings.

Evening: 667

Day: 966


    angelm's avatar - anne
    richmond ky.
    United States
    Member #15876
    May 22, 2005
    8474 Posts

    If anything with 6 shows up it will be 6116(maybe)

      United States
      Member #19650
      August 3, 2005
      621 Posts

      hell mi

        Litebets27's avatar - power
        United States
        Member #10465
        January 14, 2005
        6351 Posts

        I think that many, if not all of the States that have pick 3/4 games had a mad run on 666 and 6660. I know they sold out here in Maryland by early morning. Would have been nice to see some State's players break the bank.


        Feeling,  PRICELESS!!!Banana

        Come on Jackpot!!!

          Coastal Georgia
          United States
          Member #2653
          October 30, 2003
          1866 Posts


          as if the date predicates the dam numbers....






            SassyOhio's avatar - Picture012
            Columbus Ohio
            United States
            Member #35945
            March 25, 2006
            234 Posts

            This is kinda funny.  It would have been awesome to see this number hit today.

            Michigan came really close in both drawings.

            Evening: 667

            Day: 966


            OMG  can you IMAGINE the looks on their faces when they seen the 6......6......Hyper ....................7!!!!!Bang Head

            OH THAT IS HALARIOUS BUT CRAZY at the same time LOL sorry Ya'll Big Grin

            Hopin To Be The Lucky Ones!!



            Please feel free to visit my sisters memorial page that I have now completed


              bellyache's avatar - 64x64a9wg

              United States
              Member #12618
              March 18, 2005
              2060 Posts

              I'm not shocked. I'm sure that a lot of states ran out of that number sequence for Pick 3 and Pick 4.