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Florida lottery backs GTECH-Lottomatica deal

Aug 16, 2006, 12:18 pm

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IGTIGT: Florida lottery backs GTECH-Lottomatica deal

The Florida lottery has agreed to the planned takeover of U.S. lottery operator GTECH Holdings Corp by Italy's Lottomatica, Lottomatica said on Wednesday.

Lottomatica plans to buy GTECH in a $5 billion deal that would create the world's biggest lottery operator. One of the deal conditions laid down by Lottomatica is that it would not lose GTECH's lottery operating concessions in the United States.

Lottomatica said in a statement that GTECH had been informed of Florida's backing for the deal in writing.

Illinois, New York, Missouri, California, Michigan, Rhode Island and Ohio lotteries have said the takeover would not affect the operating concessions.

Most U.S. states asked auditing firms to carry out background checks, but Texas asked police to investigate and there concerns have been voiced over four GTECH concession contracts.


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2 comments. Last comment 15 years ago by Todd.
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This is a fine story Todd. I hope sales stay strong with Lottomatica taking over for GTECH. What does GTECH do?

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    This is a fine story Todd. I hope sales stay strong with Lottomatica taking over for GTECH. What does GTECH do?

    See how Search <-(CLICK) can be an amazing way to find out about any topic?

    There is an absolute TON of information in the Lottery Post News section about GTECH, much more than I could reply here.  I'm sure if you click that link those stories will provide just about everything you'd like to know about GTECH.

    That same tool -- Search -- can be used in the same fashion to discover information about practically any lottery topic in the world.  What's more, it can even be used to search within members' blogs, do research on specific members' posts, and even to search your private inbox for something.

    I'd recommend spending a good amount of time exploring all the various options and ways to use the Search page.

    When choosing what text to type in the search box, just use exactly the same type of text you would use in Google.  It works the same way.  Here is a link to the Help page at Google: http://www.google.com/support/bin/static.py?page=searchguides.html&ctx=basics

    Keep in mind, I'm not saying to actually use Google, I'm saying that the way they describe how to choose keywords and how to use quotation marks is the same as what you would use in the Lottery Post Search page.

    I hope this helps, good luck. Let me know how using Search works out for you.


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