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Three men charged with stealing $1M from lottery winner

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Posted: March 1, 2008, 6:05 am - IP Logged

Yeah, That's why no one in my family will know if I can help it.   Blind Trust.  I will do something for them but in such small increments that it wouldn't raise suspicions.  I will simply tell them that I won on a scratcher or something and let them ask for the
$5 or $10 k that I will gladly cough up in small pieces.  My famliy woulDn't knock me in the head or anything  But I will not have ANY peace.


I Agree!


But then again, How do you keep a large Lottery win a secret?

1.  The retailer who sold you the winning ticket is probably going to do some research to try and identify you.  Your probably on camera when you purchased a ticket.
2.  Cashing in your winning ticket at lottery headquarters.  There is another group of interested observers.  Lottery security will probably do a detailed background check of some sort to see if your eligible for the payout.  Lottery marketing people will be interested in posting your picture everywhere too.
3.  Oops, you mentioned a trust.  You probably had to hire an attorney.  Boy, if you ever wanted to keep anything a secret, just hire a "trust"ing attorney.  There is no such thing!!
4.  You got to keep the money somewhere . . . hopefully in a Federal bank.  One of the more not so secretive institutions around.

Hmmm, I wonder if any of your distant or not so distant relatives work at any of these places.

Good luck trying to keep it a secret!!  Once somebody knows you got it, they will scheme ways to get it from you - legally or illegally!

Good Luck!