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Kentucky man thought he won lottery jackpot

Kentucky LotteryKentucky Lottery: Kentucky man thought he won lottery jackpot

Misreads symbols on scratch game card

Stephen McGuire took a chance on his luck with big hopes and dreams.

"I was dreaming of getting out of debt being able to financially able to do more things with my family," he says.

A dream McGuire thought became reality after finding this dollar sign in Lucky Loot part of the 100,000 dollar players club game.

"I scratched it off. I went through see I won ten dollars, scratched the last one off, I thought I won 100,000 dollars. My wife, thought I won, daughter the same way, I showed my parents they thought we won too," he adds.

As it turns out, the difference is in the dollar signs. The game's directions show, getting the dollar sign money bag symbol means you win the prize shown. But McGuire and several friends thought the ticket was misleading. To them, a dollar sign over the 100,000 meant the ticket was a winner.

"I looked at it and saw a dollar sign and saw a dollar sign in the bag. I took it as if you see a dollar sign you get a bag of money. I was excited for him," says McGuire's Friend Tom Parrott.

McGuire says the KY lottery should consider changing some of its symbols to prevent any confusion. No confusion says lottery, because the two dollar signs are very different.

"You have a stand alone dollar sign that is hollow with two lines that run through it and then you have a bag that has a solid money sign with a single line that goes through it," says KY Lottery's Chip Polston.

The dollar sign is one of 17 symbols used in the Lucky Loot game and several symbols are related to money. Kentucky Lottery says it is sorry for any confusion. Stephen McGuire says he's sorry too.

"My hopes was high over the weekend monday I got there and it crashed down...that's how my luck is," McGuire says.

In the end, McGuire won ten dollars, enough to buy a new ticket. He says his most recent loss won't prevent him from playing and dreaming big again.


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13 comments. Last comment 9 years ago by MaddMike51.
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spy153's avatar - maren

United States
Member #28409
December 15, 2005
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Posted: April 30, 2008, 8:12 am - IP Logged

This is why I don't like scratchers.  Someone thinks they win, and the lottery says "no you didn't."  Didn't we read one time on here that one guy thought he won and the lottery told him it was a "typo?"  Come on!  Sounds like a rip off to me!  Like this guy, I find the symbols confusing and directions misleading.  After years of scratching off one particular set of scratch offs, my husband found out he had been throwing away winning tickets because he failed to notice the second part of the directions (listed way at the bottom of the ticket and seperate from the other directions.)  The clerk said, "oh, that must have been you throwing them all away!" when she explained the rules to him.  The only reason we caught it was because he thought he had a small winner, but when he cashed it in it was worth more than he thought.  He had to ask why?  And the clerk read the directions to him and showed him how he had won.  She was a very nice clerk and I wish they were all like that.  After that, he found out he was winning all the time.  But then we stopped going to that store because we had to move, and he hasn't had that kind of luck since.Unhappy 

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    Raven62's avatar - binary
    New Jersey
    United States
    Member #17843
    June 28, 2005
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    Posted: April 30, 2008, 9:15 am - IP Logged

    All Rub-Off Tickets should be check by a Lottery Agent: Why? Misprints!

    We hear about the Misprinted Ticket that looks like a Winner, but is deemed a Loser by the Lottery claiming it was a Misprint. We never hear about the Winning Ticket that looks like a Loser and gets Thrown Out, but because it was a Misprint is actually a Winner. Unhappy

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      MillionsWanted's avatar - 24Qa6LT

      Member #9517
      December 10, 2004
      1272 Posts
      Posted: April 30, 2008, 10:08 am - IP Logged

      Remember when we first got scratch-off tickets in Norway. A lot of people miss read the text after scratching off and thought they had won. Many had sent them to the lottery company but didn't get any money back and didn't understand why. Usually they didn't scratch off enough.

        DC81's avatar - batman39
        United States
        Member #54830
        August 31, 2007
        985 Posts
        Posted: April 30, 2008, 10:35 am - IP Logged

        Eh, I'm not the biggest fan of scratch offs and the use of the "so close" gimmick on losing tickets, how many times have you just ALMOST got a big winner but were one number or symbol off? That just makes some people want to play more even if they can't afford it, especially those who already have a leaning towards addiction and granted they'll justify spending more either whether it was a "close loss" or not but I think it just makes it worse.


        I also think there's a certain shadyness to making certain tickets confusing with the rules and symbols, then again a lot of people don't read anything regarding the rules outside what it says on the front of the ticket. As for mistakes on the part of the makers of the tickets themselves, I think they should have to honor them or at least compensate the victim of the error. Maybe that'd encourage the producers of the tickets to work on improving the process, maybe have some sort of insurance against it.

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          tiggs95's avatar - Lottery-036.jpg

          United States
          Member #47420
          November 4, 2006
          3930 Posts
          Posted: April 30, 2008, 3:28 pm - IP Logged

          On every scratch off ticket in Ky they have a code..If the letters on the tickets read t-e-n the it's 10.00  If it read f-i-v then it's 5.00..t-w-y is 25.00 and so on..Probably the same in all states..When you scratch your ticket off look for the letters around all the numbers..It will spell out what you have won..Good luck

            United States
            Member #51040
            March 25, 2007
            457 Posts
            Posted: April 30, 2008, 4:21 pm - IP Logged

            Just the other day here in Pennsylvania i bought a $2 bingo instant ticket. on the left side u scratch the numbers that are being called and on the right side were the 4 game cards. i finished playing the ticket and was like man i was set 3 different times.

            so i assumed i lost. but on the left side where the numbers are being called, the state uses a 3 letter code to define if you are a winner. it said "two" meant i won 2 dollars. i sat there for 30 minutes looking for this bingo and never found it.

            now where the cards are that you play they are already light blue around the numbers so you have to give it a light scratch to make it turn dark blue. which i think sucks.but anyway i DID NOT see this bingo on the 2 possible games i couldve won it on because a line was worth 2 dollars. so after that half hour i decided to get a pen and start circling them on the ticket to see where i am missing this one number at. well anyway after i circled all the numbers that were called . i STILL DID NOT have a bingo. my only explanation i could come up with was that i needed b3 and they called b4. so i figured its all a scam and i will never play another instant in my whole life.

            But i did cash that so called winning ticket in for my 2 dollars back.

              United States
              Member #59167
              March 8, 2008
              174 Posts
              Posted: April 30, 2008, 4:27 pm - IP Logged

              Sounds like a lot of people are failing to read everything on the cards. They think they won, but only the lottery office can validate a win.  Happens all the time. Why, the shiny lure I keep bringing up. You think one thing, the lure is saying something else. That is why hundreds of thousand went for the variable mortgage when interest was low, and now find out they owe tons of money. They saw what they wanted to see. The $3.65 sign a gallon for gas, when it is actually $3.65 and 9/10ths a gallon. The one pound coffee bag, that is not a pound. People see what they are conditioned to see. Greed works the same way! I can't count the number of times I have added up the combination of items on a resurant menu and found it was cheaper then the combined sale price. The lottery is in business to make money, not give money away. Learn that lesson, and all the confusion in reading the cards will not be confusing.

                New Member
                Plainfield, IL
                United States
                Member #20047
                August 10, 2005
                10 Posts
                Posted: May 1, 2008, 5:26 am - IP Logged

                Seems like a fairly common story.  Some guy doesn't know how to read his ticket and blames the lottery.  Another guy seeing what he wants to see.

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                  Ann Arbor, MI
                  United States
                  Member #20017
                  August 10, 2005
                  20 Posts
                  Posted: May 2, 2008, 1:05 am - IP Logged

                  I used to work at a gas station that sold instant tickets and in Michigan, we have something similar to that (or at least did at the time . . . not if it's still the same) in that there are a pair of matching letters somewhere on each ticket and certain letters meant a certain level of winning, up to $50 I think. You can rely on that for the smaller amounts, but anything over $50 there's no way of knowing by the letters alone.


                    United States
                    Member #10720
                    January 23, 2005
                    933 Posts
                    Posted: May 5, 2008, 10:56 pm - IP Logged

                    They do make most of the losing tickets to look like you just missed a prize to get you excited that maybe the next one will be the one. Crosswords giving 2 words when you need 3 and just one key letter missing (I made a program to double-check these) or Bingo tickets leaving one number short in several lines. The tickets are predetermined as losers but "programmed" to come just one symbol short. I guess it has to balance out because there was the guy who thought he won $3 or so but it was the top prize and he was wondering why the clerk was sending him to the Lottery HQ.

                      RJOh's avatar - chipmunk
                      United States
                      Member #9
                      March 24, 2001
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                      Posted: May 5, 2008, 11:51 pm - IP Logged

                      "I scratched it off. I went through see I won ten dollars, scratched the last one off, I thought I won 100,000 dollars. My wife, thought I won, daughter the same way, I showed my parents they thought we won too," he adds.

                      He learned a valuable lesson, thinking you've won doesn't count for much even if your family members agree with you.

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                        Sandra Dee's avatar - dandy
                        United States
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                        May 13, 2008
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                        Posted: June 2, 2008, 3:42 pm - IP Logged

                        oooh, i had one of those slick scratch offs before - some tic tac toe game .. but the winning Xs where supposed to be in italics as opposed to the losing ones that were straight up - this is some crap


                        X  O   X

                        O  X   O

                        O  O   X          <---- NOT A WINNER? COME ONE, THAT'S SOME bull#!^$

                          United States
                          Member #58528
                          February 18, 2008
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                          Posted: June 2, 2008, 7:17 pm - IP Logged

                          You just have to be smart enough to read the instructions on the tickets...or in this guys case look at the pictures.If the pictures don't match,you don't win.Seems simple enough to me.