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Texas woman says friend stole winning lottery ticket

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Posted: January 26, 2009, 10:26 pm - IP Logged

"If you don't play you won't win."

What part of "lottery" is confusing? If you don't play, you can't lose your money.

"Desperate times cause for drastic measures."

Trying to solve your financial problems by playing the lottery isn't desperate, it's stupid. For the most part, the odds of doing anything better than breaking even are at least 25 to 1, and the chance of winning enough money that it will matter is much, much higher. The not-so-desperate measures this woman should have been taking include cutting out as much unnecessary spending as possible, so that she can afford to pay the bills for the things they really need. She got extremely lucky by winning, but her win is offset by thousands of people in similar situations who lost their money. Much of the reason for the widespread financial mess we're faced with is people being irresponsible enough (or gullible enough) to buy things they can't afford, and pay for them with "money" they don't have. Just because you've got a job doesn't mean you can afford a Lexus, a widescreen HD TV or a bass boat. There's a reason that plenty of people do well on 50k per year and others fall behind while making 200k.

KY Floyd,

What I have learned my whole life through is that it is up to the individual what they choose to do with there loot and or earnings. I don't see her situation being any different than the people who are in the Media curently who has lost millions of dollar to an investor who was been highly recommended and he/she has ran off with the investors money. I think that if most of us tell the truth we all do some type of frivolous spending that we should not do at some place or another.

Often I get calls from family, friends, and associates, who feel as if I am the local federal savings and loan, and say silly things like of course you can purchase a certain item because you have it like that and or make a hidden substanial amount more. What I say to them is that my money is no longer than there's, I just choose to make sure that I have something or some place to show for it.

Honestly, I think that it may have been a spare of the moment thing for her. I, too am guilty of trusting my closest friends and w/family with information of mines that I shouldn't. For like the past year I have been observing my dreams and majority of them have been leading back to my paying closer attn: to wolves in sheeps clothing.

I, agree with people purchasing things to keep up with the Jones' which is not good but it's so easy to do if you don't have a mind that is not based on materialism.

Example, I myself would be a happy owner of a double wide on a 1/2 acre of land and a Honda Accord but to so many others that would just be absurd. When at the same time some would say that I could have purchase something of greater value w/my money.

Remember we are the decisions that we make, please take the time to educate.Stooges

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    Posted: January 28, 2009, 9:04 am - IP Logged

    Did you guys ever think that maybe this woman was making this story up?  Kinda like that liar in Cleveland who said she had lost a winning MM ticket in the parking lot a fewyears ago and had the whole neighborhood looking for the ticket for her.  If I remember correctly she also filed a police report. It just seems to me that sometimes if people make enough noise about a sob story involving money and people automatically feel bad for them and try to help....there's just that a few things about her story don't make sense:

    1. No offense, and maybe I don't understand this because I don't have kids, but how can 20K suddenly not be important when you're in need of the money as badly as she says?  Think about it, one minute Jr is soooooooo sick, but not sick enough for me to not take the time to scratch and realize I've won, but then in the next minute, be so absent minded to give 20K to a friend to go check the ticket...It doesn't make sense not to pay attention to that much money.

    2. The friend/theif did say it was somebody else's ticket. Couldn't it be possible that the two ladies were friends, but the mystery woman/theif really was checking the ticket for someone else and perhaps was on the phone calling the man in the truck (who could be the winner or her ride home) . Maybe the owner was poor Great-Aunt Tilly who's 108 years old and doesnt have the ability to get out and about like she used to, so she uses family members toscratch and chck her tickets (her arthritis makes it had to scratch the winners). The conversation could have gone something like "Hey Bob, Aunt Tilly won! Get over here so we can go home and tell her the news person in case she has a heart attack or something".

    "But Charlez showed the ticket to the receptionist" you say....

    Again...what if it wasn't her ticket. What if the ticket really belonged to the friend/theif or Great Aunt Tilly and the friend let her scratch it on a whim?

    "But she didn't fight about the ticket in the office. If it were me I would have spoken up and said it was my ticket right then and there"

    The ticket does not belong to the "theif". She was holding the ticket for Aunt Tilly. She might be one of those people who doesn't play the lottery because of the odds. She might not care eaither way and have been skeptical that it was a winner....so off she trots to the gas station to double check.  On her way over she calls Bob on the phone

    "Theif: Hey Bob I think Aunt Tilly may have really won something this time.

    Bob: No way.

    "Theif": Way.  I'm at the store checking it now. The clerk said it won 20K...hold on a second Bob, 'It's not my ticket'. Bob get over here right now so we can tell Aunt Tilly.

    Bob: I'm on my way.

    Just playing the devils advocate....

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      Posted: January 28, 2009, 3:46 pm - IP Logged

      According the to Star-Telegram the one time friend says she no longer wants the ticket for fear that her husband could face jail time and her kids taken away.

      The friend, Tosha Romero, insists that Nancy Charlez bought the Lucky Dice ticket for her in exchange for Romero watching Charlez kids. Charlez denies that.

      Romero says she made up the story about the man in the truck when it became clear that Charlez was going to claim the prize herself.

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        Posted: February 1, 2009, 11:53 pm - IP Logged


        Also......."I’m aggravated because a friend don’t do you like that," Romero said. "I’m not going to to go to jail for 2 to 10 years. It’s not worth it."

        Apparently Tosha Romero felt she should be able to steel $20,000 from her friends without fear of going to jail.

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