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Ravens considering licensing deal with Md. Lottery

Maryland LotteryMaryland Lottery: Ravens considering licensing deal with Md. Lottery

After NFL policy change, team in talks to put logo on scratch-off tickets

The Ravens are huddling with Maryland Lottery officials over placing the team's logo for the first time on scratch-off tickets.

"We are in discussions," Ravens spokesman Chad Steele confirmed Friday, just 48 hours after the National Football League decided to allow clubs to strike such licensing deals with state-sponsored lotteries.

Thursday, the New England Patriots reached an agreement with the Massachusetts State Lottery to put their logo on instant tickets next season. Friday, the Washington Redskins and Virginia Lottery did the same. Other clubs figure to follow suit, said Greg Aiello, an NFL spokesman.

"The change in policy was approved 32-0 (by NFL owners), so you can expect to see more (deals) soon," Aiello said.

Such collaborations in other sports have generated millions in revenue for both the states and teams that represent them. In Massachusetts, for instance, a three-year accord between the state lottery and the Boston Red Sox has produced more than $200 million a year.

How much the Ravens would pocket would depend on their deal with the Maryland Lottery. Certainly the Orioles would be watching with interest.

"We've never had our logo on scratch-off tickets, though several other (baseball) clubs do," Orioles spokeswoman Monica Barlow said.

Both the Ravens and Orioles already enjoy sponsorships with the state lottery. At Camden Yards, fans can purchase scratch-off tickets in the ballpark. There is also a Maryland Lottery stand on Ravens Walk outside M&T Bank Stadium.

Thanks to Four4me for the tip.

Baltimore Sun

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2 comments. Last comment 8 years ago by four4me.
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January 14, 2005
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Posted: May 23, 2009, 8:14 am - IP Logged

What a waste of money.

A licensing deal means more money in their pockets.

I would rather see the Board of Education's logo of a State run health care system logo on a scratch-off.

The &#(%?  with the Ravens.

Feeling,  PRICELESS!!!Banana

Come on Jackpot!!!

    four4me's avatar - gate1
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    June 18, 2003
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    Posted: May 23, 2009, 1:54 pm - IP Logged
    The proceeds of mega millions tickets are already contributed to the Maryland stadium authority. Ravens and Orioles tickets have also been increased,.... the price of food, drinks, etc.. how much more money do they want to drain from people who come to see the games.
    I'm not in favor of this proposal unless it will offset the prices we already pay.

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