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$333 MILLION: Mega Millions lottery jackpot increased

Topic closed. 47 replies. Last post 12 years ago by Rebel4liberty.

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August 28, 2009
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Where do you get this information?


I read on the mega millions site that one ticket was sold in San Gabriel, California and the other in Bronx, New York.


But how did you find out about the second place tickets?  Please let me know where you looked.



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    August 6, 2005
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    Virginia lottery has posted - 34 2nd place winners,  valottery.com

      Plowing my way to a win!!!

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      August 22, 2009
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      Like the minum jackpot of 12M is chump change now Disapprove...matters to me not the size of jackpot. I used to feel like "awww hell this is never going to happen" after the super size jackpot is reset and just forget about it. I'm not looking at that way anymore, every drawing gives me the chance as long as I have a ticket, QP or set number combination of having that lucky random ticket being printed and handed to me and I'll never know when that will happen. I never realized playing only these super size pots how many chances I may have missed by not playing the minium on the next drawing. 1/2 a min jackpot invested wisely will set you up for a very comfortable life. Nope, no sense trying to be greedy. 12 will be just fine if thats all it ever would be if I ever buy a winning ticket


      Grats to the winners though, now I am curious if it was QP or the bet slipShocked



      Lets us hope they are wise and aren't foolish fiancially...