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N.Y. family wins $3M top prize in lottery scratch-off game

Oct 8, 2009, 6:45 am

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New York LotteryNew York Lottery: N.Y. family wins $3M top prize in lottery scratch-off game

SPRING VALLEY, N.Y. — For the past year, Jemps St. Fleur and his uncle, Chrisnel Josaphat, have been collecting $100 a week from their relatives to play the lottery.

There have been a few small scratch-off wins here and there, but on Sept. 22, the Spring Valley family won $3 million, becoming the first winners of the top prize in the $10 Money scratch-off game.

Family members, who emigrated from Haiti over the years, became Rockland's second lottery millionaires of 2009. The Brucale family of Pearl River won $7 million in June.

St. Fleur, who works two jobs and has been studying nursing for several years, and Josaphat, a former gas station worker in Montvale, N.J., were presented with an oversize cardboard check by New York State Lottery officials Wednesday at Super 7 Convenience, the Spring Valley store where they bought their ticket.

"This is not only my money or his money. This is (for) the whole family," St. Fleur told reporters and curious onlookers. "This is a great opportunity for us."

The family will receive $150,000 for the next 20 years, or $99,045 annually after taxes.

St. Fleur, 24, said the family hasn't made plans about how they will spend their winnings.

"We really want to take our time right now and think about exactly what we're going to do with this money," St. Fleur said.

St. Fleur, who moved to the United States seven years ago, had been studying at Rockland Community College in Ramapo to become a nurse practitioner. He took this semester off but said he plans to return to college to get his associate degree.

Josaphat has been sending money to his wife and two young daughters in Haiti. He was the one who purchased the ticket and the first to realize they had won. He and St. Fleur were so excited that they went back to the convenience store to double-check, then drove to the Lottery's Long Island office to claim their prize.

"I was doing 95 (mph) in a 65" mph zone, St. Fleur said.

New York State Lottery spokeswoman Carolyn Hapeman said St. Fleur and Josaphat beat odds of about 1 in 3 million to win.

St. Fleur's brother, cousin and aunt joined him and Josaphat at the news conference. A large yellow sign outside the Super 7 told passing drivers that the store had sold a winning $3 million ticket.

When Lottery emcee Gretchen Dizer announced that Friday's Mega Millions jackpot was $145 million, St. Fleur was highly interested.

"I'm going to come here and play too," he said. "I'm thinking about becoming a billionaire."

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5 comments. Last comment 12 years ago by ThatScaryChick.
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United Kingdom
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February 5, 2009
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Congrats, hope it is spent wisely

    rdgrnr's avatar - walt
    Way back up in them dadgum hills, son!
    United States
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    April 28, 2009
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    $99,045 a year is nice but depending on the number of family members involved probably not life altering. I think they would be wise to keep it pooled as a group and invest in something with the money as a group. There's where you'll find out how close the family is. I hope everything works out for them.







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      United States
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      May 17, 2008
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      Ive been playing this $10 scratcher a lot lately. Bunch of $50 wins, I hope Im next for $3M!!! Congrats to them. Spring Valley sold the winner, interesting....Banana

        GamerMom's avatar - tails

        United States
        Member #60533
        April 21, 2008
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        ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS A WEEK??? holy cow that's a lot for lottery tix

          ThatScaryChick's avatar - giphy11resized
          United States
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          November 21, 2007
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          Congrats to them!

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