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Arizona Lottery's Millionaire Raffle drawing results

Jan 5, 2010, 8:08 am

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Arizona LotteryArizona Lottery: Arizona Lottery's Millionaire Raffle drawing results

The Arizona Lottery conducted its fifth raffle drawing Monday, awarding more than $3 million in total cash prizes, including one $1 million grand prize.

A special Early Bird drawing on Nov. 19 awarded $5,000 each to 20 lucky players.

The winning numbers for the raffle draw can be found on Lottery Post's Arizona Lottery Results page (www.lotterypost.com/results/az).

Tickets for the Arizona Lottery's latest Millionaire Raffle went on sale Sunday, Nov. 1.

Any ticket that won an Early Bird prize was still eligible to win any of the prizes in the raffle drawing on Jan. 4.

Only 300,000 tickets were available for purchase.

In addition to the single $1 million prize and the 20 Early Bird prizes of $5,000, there are six $100,000 prizes, 40 $10,000 prizes, 750 $1,000 prizes and 350 $500 prizes.

With just 300,000 tickets available, the Millionaire Raffle "Holiday Edition" offers players the best odds ever at winning $1 million. The $20 tickets were sold in sequential order.

Winners must collect their prize from the lottery within 180 days of the drawing.

Lottery Post Staff

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I wonder if John McCain or Janet Napolitano won the raffle. I lived in AZ for about 4 years a few years back and never once got so much as 3 numbers on anything.

I had better luck on the scratchers and that wasn't very good either. Unluckiest state I ever lived in. Don't even get me started on the Indian Casinos. lol







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