Pennsylvania Lottery's raffle makes 4 millionaires

Jul 11, 2010, 4:56 pm (5 comments)

Pennsylvania Lottery

HARRISBURG, Pa. — The Pennsylvania Lottery's latest raffle-style game, Millionaire Raffle, was drawn Saturday, and made four instant millionaires.

The winning numbers can be found at Lottery Post's Pennsylvania Lottery Results page (

Millionaire Raffle is a raffle game offered by the Pennsylvania Lottery, with only 500,000 of the $20 tickets available for purchase.

Each of the game's $20 tickets offers a 1-in-125,000 chance of winning $1 million. There was one drawing on July 10, 2010 to select four $1 million prize winners, four $100,000 prize winners, 100 $1,000 prize winners, and 5,892 $100 prize winners.

This is the tenth consecuitve raffle for the Pennsylvania Lottery, the eight consecutive using the same current forumla of tickets and prizes. The lottery has conducted two raffle drawings per year since its first raffle drawing on Dec. 31, 2005: one around New Year's Day and the other in July.

Players had to endure a day-long wait before the Pennsylvania Lottery published the bulk of the winning numbers.  ("Penn. Lottery players wondering, 'Where are the results?'",  No explanation was offered for the delay.

The odds of winning $1 million and $100,000 prizes are 1-in-125,000; the odds of winning a $1,000 prize are 1-in-5,000; and the odds of winning $100 are 1-in-85.

The overall odds of winning any prize are 1-in-83.

Tickets first went on sale May 14, and were sold out prior to the drawing.

Each raffle ticket contains a unique, eight-digit number issued sequentially across the commonwealth from the Lottery's central computer, starting with number 00000001. The last raffle ticket issued for the game contained the raffle ticket number 00500000. The eight-digit number printed on the ticket must match the eight-digit raffle number combination selected in the drawing — in the exact sequence in which it was selected — to be considered a winning ticket.

Lottery Post's unique Millionaire Raffle results page allows the player to view the raffle results with or without the extra "00" prefix on each number, depending on whether the player feels the extra zeros are a help or hindrance.

All prize levels are paid out in cash, including the jackpot.

All 100 winning tickets of $1,000 and all 5,892 winning tickets of $100 can be validated and paid at any numbers games retailer.

Players with winning tickets worth $100,000 and $1 million must file a claim for payment.

Winning tickets may be redeemed up to one year after the drawing date.

Lottery Post Staff


dpoly1's avatardpoly1

Congrats to all of the winners !!!!!!!!!

I am looking to be the first Mega Millions Jackpot winner from PA !!!!!!!!!

US Flag


           Dang I wonder if Georgia has this type of game

             it sounds like a GREAT IDEA!!!Wink

diamondpalace's avatardiamondpalace

I wonder why Texas don't offer raffles to its players?

Congrats to the millionaires and the winners!!

louise black

Quote: Originally posted by billyloco on Jul 11, 2010

           Dang I wonder if Georgia has this type of game

             it sounds like a GREAT IDEA!!!Wink

WinkI don't know about Georgia ,but Michigan has one going now for $10 and I will  have at least five of those bad boys looking forward to the win. CONGRAT!!!!!! TO THE WINNERS OF THE PA RAFFLE.Hurray!

TheGameGrl's avatarTheGameGrl

Our PA lottery site posted where the tickets for the millionaire winners were sold! SHort of being 300 miles away from my house, I was close! LOL!!!

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