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Canada lottery almanac for 2010 published

Lottery Post Site NewsLottery Post Site News: Canada lottery almanac for 2010 published

By Todd Northrop

Canada lottery players can obtain all of last year's lottery winning numbers for each of the country's games in one book, now that the latest edition of Lottery Post's Lottery Results Almanac series has hit the stands.

Lottery Post 2010 Lottery Results Almanac, Canada Edition (ISBN 978-0-9826272-3-5), available for purchase immediately by publisher Speednet Group, is offered just two weeks after the United States edition of the same title was published.

"Over time these lottery results almanacs will become increasingly important to daily lottery players," says Todd Northrop, the book's author.  "With Web sites and data coming and going on the Internet, maintaining an archival record of results becomes critical for serious players relying on historical lottery data."

"To my knowledge, no other resource like this exists," Northrop added.  "This is a high-quality, accurate book, worthy of collecting and archiving, and a critical resource for every serious lottery player."

At Lottery Post, a community Web Site geared toward daily lottery players, members use the lottery results almanacs to reference past winning numbers, as well as chart new possibilties for upcoming draws.  It is not uncommon for players in one country, state, or province to use past numbers from another area in their systems and calculations.

"You have compiled information in this book that will help people all over that play the lottery and for anyone who might be interested in learning what could help them win, or just play the game," said Lottery Post member 'Lucky'.  "I personally like to use it for a quick reference."

"Well worth the purchase price," added Lottery Post member "jrosina".  "It will more than pay for itself."

The new edition covers all official government lottery games played in Canada during the year 2010.  In addition to a listing of all the winning numbers, each game is described, including drawing schedule, game number matrix, drawing method, online links, and other pertinent notes.

This year's edition also adds a compilation of all Lotto Max MaxMillions draws to ensure the reader has access to all possible draw data.

Northrop publishes Lottery Results Almanac editions from year-to-year, and cautions interested buyers not to wait before picking up a copy of each edition.

"As with any annual publication, if you think you're going to want to own this, don't wait too long to buy it," Northrop said.  "In the publishing industry older volumes are always harder to find than the very latest publications, especially in a long-running series.  People could eventually end up paying a higher price in the secondary market."

Lottery Post 2010 Lottery Results Almanac, Canada Edition, is available for purchase immediately online at www.LotteryResultsAlmanac.com.  The book will also be available for sale at Amazon.com and other online retailers, and is available for book stores to stock through wholesale book distributor Ingram and through Lightning Source.

The United States 2010 edition, published in January, is available immediately through Amazon.com and other online and brick-and-mortar retailers, as well as directly through the publisher (books.speednet.biz).

Lottery Post 2010 Lottery Results Almanac, Canada Edition

  • ISBN 978-0-9826272-3-5
  • ISSN 2158-7108
  • Library of Congress Control Number 2011901434

Lottery Post 2010 Lottery Results Almanac, United States Edition

  • ISBN 978-0-9826272-2-8
  • ISSN 2154-1078
  • Library of Congress Control Number 2011900946

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Lottery Post Staff

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Posted: February 9, 2011, 8:41 am - IP Logged

I ordered the American version, should be here soon, can't wait.Hyper

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    Posted: February 11, 2011, 6:41 pm - IP Logged

    The Canada Edition is now available at Amazon.com!

    Check it out


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