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Arkansas couple wins lotto twice in 1 weekend

Feb 6, 2013, 9:51 am

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Arkansas LotteryArkansas Lottery: Arkansas couple wins lotto twice in 1 weekendRating:

Includes video report

An Arkansas couple struck gold twice after winning $1 million and $50,000 jackpots, both of them during this past weekend, and both with tickets sold from the same store.

Stephen, 54, and Terri Weaver, 55, of Stuttgart, Ark., left on Friday for a weekend trip to a cabin near Greers Ferry Lake, over 100 miles away. On Saturday evening, they stopped at T-Ricks convenience store in the nearby city of Pangburn. Stephen bought five $1 Million Riches instant scratch-off tickets while his wife bought four.

"We pick up a couple tickets on the weekend when we go to our cabin on the river," said Terri, an office manager with a water company. "It's a weekly thing. We just pick up a few here and a few there."

Once they brought the tickets to the cabin, they realized one of Stephen's $20 tickets won the $1 million jackpot.

"I almost had a heart attack," said Stephen, who owns a plumbing company. "I had to have an aspirin."

While Stephen wanted to return home after learning of the win, Terri hoped to stay for the weekend.

"He thought he should sleep with it under his pillow," Terri said. "He ended up locking it in the truck."

On Sunday, they stopped at the convenience store again and bought six tickets "just for the heck of it, because it was fun," Terri explained.

This time, Terri's Taxes Paid instant ticket for which she paid $10 was a $50,000 winner.

"When she handed it to me, I fell back in my chair and almost went into cardiac arrest again," Stephen said of the second ticket. "We jumped around, hollered, and screamed. It's just not possible that it happened twice. The odds must be astronomical."

After possible taxes withheld, the couple won $714,000 in total.

The couple, who have been married for 35 years and have a son in Tulsa, Okla., said they will continue to work in their respective jobs and pay off some bills.

"We're going to put it in a little, or big, nest egg," Stephen said.

The owner of the convenience store gets 1 percent of the winnings. "He's pretty happy too," Stephen said.

Prior to this weekend, the biggest lottery prizes the Weavers say they won were $2,500 a few months prior and $1,000 a few years ago.

"We were just ecstatic to get that," Stephen said. "Now we're just blown away."

The couple said they plan to continue buying lottery tickets occasionally.

In fact, they bought a couple more lottery tickets at a gas station on Monday, when the couple claimed the cash prize from the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery claim center in Little Rock.

"I got my money back," Terri said, when asked how much she won. "I didn't win anything big."

Julie Baldridge, spokeswoman for Arkansas lottery, said there have been people who have won thousands of dollars twice, but none were jackpot winners.

One man bought several tickets at the same time and won $20,000 twice. Another woman purchased a lottery ticket at a store and won $20,000. She later purchased a lottery ticket at another store and won $20,000 again.

"Random can be a very odd thing," Baldridge said.

Arkansas is the newest state to have a government-sponsored lottery. A little over three years old, the Arkansas lottery is one of 43 government-run lottery systems in the country.

VIDEO: Watch the media report


ABC, Lottery Post Staff

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18 comments. Last comment 8 years ago by jamella724.
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mightwin's avatar - questns

United States
Member #103782
January 5, 2011
486 Posts

Heck nothing like having a second winning ticket to help cover the taxes on the first!

    Chasing $ Millions.
    White Shores- California
    United States
    Member #136473
    December 12, 2012
    6312 Posts

    What a trip, way to go Stephen & Terri..congrats to both of you.

      dallascowboyfan's avatar - chi
      United States
      Member #82389
      November 12, 2009
      6371 Posts

      Congratulations to Mr & Mrs. Weaver....

      I Love Pink & Green 1908

        sully16's avatar - sharan
        United States
        Member #81738
        October 28, 2009
        76033 Posts

        That is so cool, Congrats to the lucky couple, enjoy!Cheers

        US Flag

          x1kosmic's avatar - neptune vg2.gif

          United States
          Member #48044
          December 7, 2006
          1750 Posts

          I'm sure they're  Week-ends, on the Lake,

              will be  a little more often Now.

            It's really Nice around  Greers Ferry.

            LottoGuyBC's avatar - Lottery-050.jpg
            British Columbia
            Member #116097
            September 4, 2011
            4034 Posts

            twice is nice Hurray!

            Congrats Cheers

            "You have to be in it to win it!"

              psykomo's avatar - animal shark.jpg

              United States
              Member #4877
              May 30, 2004
              5289 Posts

              That is so cool, Congrats to the lucky couple, enjoy!Cheers

              I Agree! >>>>>>That is cool>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

              they must been "DRANK'n WHITE ah LIGHT'nnnnn"$$$$

              they got ^struk^>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ah TWICE $$$$$$$$


                United States
                Member #138773
                February 6, 2013
                25 Posts

                Lucky I'm a buy some/ trash digg for discarded losers ??

                  HaveABall's avatar - rocket

                  United States
                  Member #72446
                  March 18, 2009
                  1307 Posts

                  Congratulations to the Weavers! Love

                  Terri indicated:  "We pick up a couple tickets on the weekend when we go to our cabin on the river," said Terri, an office manager with a water company. "It's a weekly thing. We just pick up a few here and a few there."

                  I'm amused at her thinking of "a couple" meaning BOTH her husband and her each buying 4 or 5 $10-$20 tickets every week!!!  The only "couple" here was two hundred dollars, combined, spent weekly.  If they had been doing this for years, they must have been WAY into the red before they were brought far into the black by their 2 biggest wins this past weekend.  Perhaps any future gambling they do should be no more than $100/month each.

                  Sun Smiley

                  Having several millions of dollars in my financial accounts means receiving several valuable services each day!


                    maringoman's avatar - images q=tbn:ANd9GcTbRxpKQmOfcCoUqF2FyqIOAwDo7rg9G-lfJLAALPGWJWwiz19eRw
                    United States
                    Member #37432
                    April 14, 2006
                    2747 Posts

                    Congratulations! If I were them I'd quit playing the scratch off tickets.. Maybe its because I think they will not win big again. I shouldn't think that because what happens twice happens thrice.

                      happygirl665's avatar - yocco
                      Spotsylvania, Virginia
                      United States
                      Member #113684
                      July 14, 2011
                      24666 Posts

                      Glad to see Arkansas is willing to give up some money because they surely won't give up those triples.What? I run the pic3 Ark thread and I am now convienced they are waiting for Christ to return to drop those triples, and we all know he's not coming anytime soon!Yellow Eyes Congrats to the winners though and enjoy the funyuns...

                      Who say's I'm broke? Are you kidding me, I am just waiting on my millions!Dance

                        maximumfun's avatar - Lottery-030.jpg

                        United States
                        Member #124612
                        March 16, 2012
                        3713 Posts

                        How lovely!  only thing better would be a pb followed by mm win.

                          United States
                          Member #106130
                          February 13, 2011
                          806 Posts

                          Why aren't they playing mega millions?  They could probably win 5 or 6 drawings in a years time.

                            United States
                            Member #138773
                            February 6, 2013
                            25 Posts

                            3x the Charm ??Dance